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‘I hit him with a slipper’: Pavithra Gowda confesses, states against actor Darshan in Renukaswamy murder case

Actress Pavithra Gowda confessed to her role in the Renukaswamy murder case, implicating actor Darshan. She admitted to assaulting Renukaswamy with a slipper at a shed in Pattanagere, stating Darshan also attacked him. Both are among 17 individuals in custody. The case has sparked public interest, focusing on gathering trial evidence.

I hit him with a slipper Pavithra Gowda confesses, states against actor Darshan in Renukaswamy murder case vkp
First Published Jul 1, 2024, 12:43 PM IST

Actress Pavithra Gowda, the primary accused in the Renukaswamy murder case, has confessed to her role and implicated actor Darshan in the crime. This case, which has sparked widespread public interest, involves a group of 17 individuals, including Darshan and Pavithra Gowda, all currently held in custody awaiting trial.

Pavithra Gowda, during police interrogation, admitted to assaulting Renukaswamy, who had been targeted due to alleged obscene comments made on social media from Chitradurga. She confessed to striking Renukaswamy with a slipper at a shed in Pattanagere. Furthermore, she revealed that Darshan had also attacked Renukaswamy in her presence, corroborating earlier statements.

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"I indeed slapped him with a slipper," Pavithra Gowda stated to the police. "Darshan was already present in the shed before I arrived, and he too assaulted Renukaswamy."

The murder case took a dark turn with Pavithra Gowda's confession, detailing the brutal motivations behind Renukaswamy's abduction and murder. Her statement directly implicating Darshan adds a new dimension to the ongoing investigation.

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Both Darshan and Pavithra Gowda, along with the other accused, remain in judicial custody as the legal proceedings continue. Authorities are now focusing on gathering further evidence and testimonies to build a solid case against all accused parties. 

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