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Commuter shares ex-Google employee explores Bengaluru streets as Uber moto driver; Netizens react

Bengaluru commuter shares experiences with Uber Moto drivers, including former Google employees and documentary makers exploring the city, highlighting the city's unique trend of professionals driving to meet people and discover new stories. Bengaluru's "Peak Bengaluru" culture offers unexpected encounters during rides, making every journey an adventure.

Commuter shares ex-Google employee explores Bengaluru streets as Uber moto driver, Netizens react vkp
First Published Oct 25, 2023, 1:17 PM IST

A commuter in Bengaluru has recently shared his experience on Platform X (formerly Twitter) about how he met a former Google employee as his Uber moto driver. It's not unusual to find cab and auto drivers who, by day, are corporate professionals or even YouTubers. You might wonder why this is the case. Well, it turns out these individuals aren't driving for a living in the typical sense; they're doing it to explore the city and meet new people. This unique trend was recently showcased in a 'Peak Bengaluru' moment.

A user on the micro-blogging site 'X,' named Raghav Dua, shared a video of his ride with an Uber Moto driver, accompanied by a caption that left many intrigued. The caption read, "My Uber Moto driver is an ex-Google employee who moved to Bengaluru just 20 days ago from Hyderabad. It seems he's doing this just to explore the city."

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One user couldn't help but comment, "That's truly fascinating! I hope you had an interesting conversation during your ride!" Another remarked, "A convo to remember, I guess." A third shared their own encounter, saying, "True, I met a 53-year-old ex-bank manager from Vishakhapatnam who now resides in Delhi. He's riding with Rapido to meet people and explore every nook and cranny of the city, all while making a documentary. Now, that's one tough guy!" Another user, seemingly amazed, simply exclaimed, "Oh my my!"

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So, in a city like Bengaluru, you might just find yourself in a cab or on an auto ride with a former tech whiz, a documentary maker, or someone just looking for a unique adventure. It's all part of the 'Peak Bengaluru' experience, where every ride is a chance to discover a new story.

In Bengaluru, as one witty observer aptly put it, "If you throw a stone in the air, it will either hit a bird or a software engineer." So, who knows what kind of adventure your next ride might bring? After all, why just travel from point A to point B when you can embark on a journey of stories and exploration with your friendly neighbourhood ride-sharing enthusiast?

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