Malappuram: BJP leader and minister of state for external affairs V Muraleedharan accused the Left and CPI(M) of raking up the issue of beef for political gains.

He was responding to reports that beef is being omitted from the menu prescribed for the trainees at the Kerala Police Academy.  "The Left and CPI(M) have been raising many issues, which are not based on merit, but they provide political benefit," said Muraleedharan while speaking to reporters.

He further said that the Left earlier believed that there should be no restriction on food, but the coalition party has now changed its stance for political gains.

"Earlier they posed themselves as people advocating the fact that there should be no restriction on food. Now they are imposing restrictions, which show that their opposition is purely on the basis of political considerations and not any other aspect," he said.

However, the Kerala Police department had clarified that reports of beef being omitted from the menu prescribed for the newly trained police batch are baseless.

"As per the decision of the Mess Committee which consists of trainees' representatives and police officers, they were instructed to prepare healthy meals with food available in their respective areas. The aim is to ensure that the trainees get the energy they need through diet," a statement issued by the police department read.