Aadhar card has multiplied in significance since the inception of the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre. From the record-holding Jan Dhan Yojana to the LPG and the
pension scheme links, Aadhar seems to be useful both for the young and the ageing. Enrolling oneself for Aadhar would allow one to enjoy a number of facilities, which

  • Aadhar based direct benefit transfer facility or LPG Subsidy
  • Jan Dhan Yojana
  • Passport in 10 days
  • Voter card linking
  • SEBI identity proof
  • Opening new bank account
  • Digital Locker facilities
  • Monthly pension
  • Digital life certificate

In fact, the uses of Aadhar are likely to grow manifold, as per the government announcement; However, the risks too are undeniable, given the current operational state
of government portals. The increasing incidences of online Aadhar leaks have raised many brows about the security specifications attached to it. Here are some such incidences that have forced the common man to think differently about Aadhar card:

When Aadhar cardholders' details went live: The situation would have been worse if hooligans had misused this malfunctioning website and used the cardholders' details for malicious activities. Personal information of several lakhs of Aadhar card holders was displayed on a Jharkhand government website, complete with the cardholders' name, address and bank account details. This came to light only when the Ranchi Unique Identity Authority of India informed the Department of Women and Child and Social Security of the state about the breach.

Although the site was pulled down within the few days, it was against the The Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Act, 2016, which prohibited the publishing or publicly posting a person’s Aadhaar details with the exception of certain regulations.

When Hanumanji and Tommy Singh had an Aadhar card: India is a land of surprises and Aadhar just adds to the 'party'. In the year 2014, there was news of Tommy Singh, a dog and Hanumanji getting Aadhar cards. Thanks to the Act, which says a person who has lived in India for 182 days in one year preceding the date of application for enrolment is eligible for acquiring an Aadhaar number. All that is needed in addition is a designated introducer – no documentary proof of identity or address is required."

This news had drawn the ire of a number of people who had started doubting Aadhar's benefits. For instance, Prasanna S, a Delhi-based lawyer who had represented several petitioners challenging the unique identity programme at the Supreme Court, had said, "This is how we have so far come across Aadhaar numbers issued to Lord Hanuman and other fictitious characters.” Meanwhile, the man who got enrolled as Hanumanji said that he had to face this problem because the system was not accepting his biometrics which he had already registered.

This had also given rise to speculations about the Aadhar card agencies that register the details of members. The credentials or the authenticity of the agencies registering personal details of members was also in question and their integrity was put to question. 

When Pak man entered India with a fake Aadhar card: Jaws dropped as news of a Pakistani man, Mehmood Akhtar, was found with top-secret documents pertaining to army and paramilitary troop locations. He was also found possessing an Aadhar card, which identified him as Mehboob Rajput, son of Hasan Ali, residing at 2350, Gali Near Madari, Rodgran Mohalla in Chandni Chowk.

On investigation, it was found that there is neither a Rodgran Mohalla nor a gali near Madari located in Chandni Chowk. Investigators believe that the Aadhar card was obtained fraudulently and visa officers may have also played an important role in this incident. 

When Aadhar officers ired the leading lady in cricket-Sakshi Dhoni: In a recent incident, Sakshi Dhoni was seen taking to Twitter complaining about the alleged publication of MS Dhoni's credentials on its website. CSC e-governance Services India Ltd not only Tweeted Dhoni's picture where he is seen getting his fingers scanned, but also his application form with all his personal details.

Union minister Ravi Shankar Prasad came to pacify a furious Sakshi Dhoni who had marked him and Tweeted asking "if any privacy was left?" and promised a strict action in the case. He later apologised saying that the person who had posted the picture was excited and that the Aadhar was extremely safe.