BJP leader Locket Chatterjee paid a surprise visit to Murshidabad on October 4 in support of the Agriculture Bill. She attended a party meeting in Nakur Tala area of Murshidabad. Locket Chatterjee gave a message to the minority community in support of the reforms to agricultural law.

According to sources, the BJP leader was shown a black flag by the Trinamool Youth Congress in front of Singhi High School in Lalbagh while she was on her way to join another procession of the party in Berhampur.

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The young leaders and workers of the Trinamool party chanted the slogan 'Go Back' after noticing the car of the BJP leader. In response, Locket Chatterjee held a press conference in the district headquarters of Berhampur. 

At the press conference, she mocked Trinamool MP Derek O'Brien for going to Uttar Pradesh in relation to the Hathras rape case. Locket Chatterjee, a BJP MP, came to Murshidabad district on a surprise visit to respond to a strong Trinamool movement demanding repeal of the BJP government's reforms to agricultural law across the state as well as the district.

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Locket Chatterjee instructed the party leaders and workers to go to every house and explain to the people in whose interest the Agriculture Bill was brought. At the press conference, Locket Chatterjee said, “Farmer will get all freedom and will be able to sell produce at a fair price as per their wish.”

Mentioning the Hathras Rape case, the BJP leader said, “I have full confidence in the Yogi government. The perpetrators will not be spared, and the families of the victim will get justice.”