In this village in Uttar Pradesh, the panchayat has decided to impose massive amount of penalty to curb wrongful activities which the panchayat members have defined as per their own understanding.  For example, the Madora village panchayat members think that girls talking on their mobile phones while taking a walk on streets increase the crime rate against women and also encourage elopement. Therefore, they have decided to levy a penalty of ₹21000 on girls found talking on the phone while taking a stroll. 

Apart from this, a penalty of ₹2 lakh will be imposed on those found involved in cow slaughtering and stealing of cow. Also, a fine of ₹1.11 lakh will have of be paid by anyone found selling liquor, the New Indian Express reported. Also, there will be reward for those who will give information about cow slaughter or cow theft. The reward amount will be ₹51000. 

The decision was announced by former pradhan of this village in Mathura district, Mohd. Gaffar. He also stated that the Muslim community of this village supported CM Yogi Adityanath’s campaign against slaughtering of cows.

While making the announcement, Gaffar added that in case an offender of cow theft or slaughter fails to pay the penalty amount, the panchayat will recover the same by selling off their property, the daily reported.

Madora village has also formed five committees for controlling crime. These committees will report to a high-powered committee. In case, the high-powered committee fails to take an appropriate action police will be informed, the current village pradhan Usman said.