A new strain of coronavirus has been found in Britain. On Monday (December 21), the Indian government decided to stop all flights coming from Britain. But, at the last minute, concerns have been raised about a few passengers who set foot in India from Britain. 

Two passengers who came from Britain to Kolkata last week have been tested positive for COVID-19. After the reports came, the character of the virus was found genetically a little different. It has been decided to send the saliva samples of the two passengers to the Pune Virology Center to reach a final decision on the matter.

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It is learned that these two passengers came to Kolkata from Britain on Saturday (December 19). None of them had COVID RPTCR report. According to COVID-19 protocols, all international passengers coming to India will have to undergo COVID-19 test in the airport and have to remain in isolation for seven days.

Two passengers were found to be infected with the coronavirus. One of them was admitted to CMCI's Corona Center in Rajarhat. Another was admitted to Calcutta Medical College. As soon as their samples came to the laboratory of Calcutta Medical College, there was a stir. The character of the virus found in the test samples was different from what was found earlier in India. The character of this virus is genetically new, according to laboratory experts at Calcutta Medical College.

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It was decided to send the sample to the Virology Center in Pune to come to a final decision. According to sources, the two passengers will also be sent to Pune. The man who was admitted to Calcutta Medical College, is a child of a doctor. He was studying in Britain and couldn’t come back to India due to the lockdown. He returned to Calcutta as soon as the coronavirus vaccine was introduced. 

Presently, the two passengers returning to Britain from Kolkata are being monitored. The monitoring cell of the health department is also collecting detailed information about them. In addition to the two passengers returning to Kolkata, six people who have returned from Britain had already been infected with COVID-19. 

As a result, the discovery of new strains of the virus has naturally created a panic in the minds of people. For the time being, arrangements have been made to collect and test samples of passengers returning to Britain with utmost caution....