India's armed forces are the pride of the nation and at the same time, known for its discipline and discreet nature of operations. In the history of India, it is rare when allegations of misconduct in the armed forces have been made in public until recently when BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav posted a video about the poor quality of food served to the men responsible for protecting the nation.


Apart from the colour of the dal and the quality of the rotis, there is quite a few ugly truth that this video reveals. 


Here are 10 truths every countryman should know about the conditions of on-duty BSF jawans exposed in the video.


1. The BSF jawans work for 11 hours daily from 6 am to 5 pm at a stretch without breaks or any facility to take rest or sit down.


2. The jawans posted alongside the Indo-Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir, works in all weather conditions in a place what is known for extreme weather. The duty hours are not modified under any condition. 


3. The media or ministers never addresses the ground reality of on-duty BSF jawans. In other words, those who can make a difference blissfully neglects the real issues and problems of the Indian army jawans. 


4. The jawan in video categorically said that he has no complaints against the central government regarding the lack of facility provided to them. All amenities and essentials are given to the force but it is the high-ups in the BSF that is responsible for the missing supplies. 


5. Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav makes a serious accusation that the higher level officials are selling the supplies to outsiders in a bid to earn money. This also leads to a question about the pay schemes in BSF, if this allegation is true that then what is forcing the higher officials in sell supplies? Perhaps comparatively lower pay and missing perks and benefits!


6. The jawan mentions that there are occasions when many jawans also sleep empty stomach. Isn't there any emergency alternative plan for food for the jawans posted in remote areas of the country? Finding supplies in these regions can be a difficult challenge, so there should be some alternative arrangement. 


7. In the video, he demands an investigation into where the supplies go and who are involved in selling them in open market.


8. After making this demand, he also says that once the video goes public, his life may come under threat because the higher officials involved in the selling of supplier have long-reach and can get anything done. This one sentence proves that the jawan put his life at risk to unveil the reality.


9. Jawan Yadav also posted two more videos showing the quality of food served to the jawans for breakfast and lunch.


10. Though the video has gone viral, and the food aspect of it has been taken seriously by one and all, but difficult working conditions and the fact that the jawan fears for his life after posting these videos are other areas that BSF and the Ministry of Defence should look into. 


Watch the VIDEOs here: 'Seniors sell our food, we go hungry': Jawan alleges massive Army corruption