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Supertech twin tower demolition: How will authorities contain the rubble?

The debris will fill up around the tower and a large part of it would be accommodated in the basement. According to authorities, the remaining will be taken to a remote area in Noida and treated scientifically. In close proximity to the tower, some of the debris will also hit the road.

Supertech twin tower demolition How will authorities contain the rubble gcw
First Published Aug 26, 2022, 4:53 PM IST

The clocks are ticking and its a matter of just few hours before the Noida twin towers built by realty firm Supertech are reduced to dust — a feat that has created a lot of buzz recently. The biggest concern of the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) is the dust and debris that will be created due to the implosion of the 40-storey buildings.

The containment of the debris is one of the most challenging jobs for those organising the controlled explosion. If the tremendous explosion is not contained, projectiles may fire throughout the metropolis. The process was described by Chean Dutta, the person who will press the button in 9 minutes to destroy the skyscrapers.

One of the most well-known blasters in the nation is Dutta. He clarified that a dynamo will produce the power required for the explosion. The detonators will go off after 9 seconds of pressing a button. He said that the procedure is easy.

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The detonators in all of the shock tubes would ignite in 9 seconds, according to him. According to media reports, he said it's a straightforward operation; we create electricity from the dynamo and then hit the button. He continued by saying that the blaster crew will stay about 70 metres away from the structure. They've constructed many layers of iron netting and blankets to catch the flying debris. Additionally, impact cushions have been used to lessen vibrations.

The blasting area is covered with four layers of iron mesh and two layers of blanket, so no rubble will fly through but dust may, he continued. "We'll be almost 50-70m away from the structure, there will be no risk, and we are quite convinced that the building will fall in a proper way," he said.

The Supreme Court has given a go-ahead for demolishing the twin towers with explosives. The exercise was supposed to start on August 21 but the court accepted the Noida Authority`s request and extended the date of the demolition to August 28. The twin towers are set to be razed over grave violations of building norms.

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