Star wife: You can be his ex, but his shadow will follow you!

First Published 5, Oct 2017, 3:49 PM IST
Star wife You can be his ex but his shadow will follow you
  • Is being the star wife a curse?
  • Prakash Rai (Raj)'s ex-wife was dragged into Modi award controversy which had nothing to do with her
  • Pawan Kalyan's second wife Renu was trolled on social media for expressing that she wants to get married after 7 years of separation

Increasing incidents of people trolling and pulling the ex-wives of the stars to prove their point is a disturbing trend. It looks like the fans have taken the ex-star wives for granted. To take a dig at actor Prakash Rai (Raj), people dragged his ex-wife in their arguments. Now, actor Pawan Kalyan's second wife is being trolled because she expressed her wish to get married after seven years of separation.

Prakash Rai's statement that Modi is a better actor than him and should be given national award while referring to PM's indifference towards Gauri Lankesh's death and those celebrating it has nothing to do with the actor's first wife Lalitha. The couple separated legally seven years ago. But PM Modi fans dragged actor's wife and tried to prove that Rai was a bad man because he had left his wife. Lalitha never has any hard feelings for Rai and agrees that they separated with mutual consent.

But no, to prove that Prakash Rai is a bad man, the people did not have any other weapon but his ex-wife. Because Rai has adopted villages, strives to save forest, wildlife etc. So, what was Lalitha's fault that she was dragged into an argument she was not even part of? Was it that she was actor Prakash Rai's ex-wife?

More shocking than this is the way Pawan Kalyan's fans are reacting to his estranged wife Renu's wish to remarry.

Just remember that Pawan Kalyan has married thrice and fans absolutely have no problem with it. But after the lonely life of seven years, Renu just expressed her wish to have a companion and you won't believe how the actor's fans have reacted.

Comments vary from calling Renu as their Vadina (sister-in-law) to requesting that please don't get married. "We will stop respecting you of you get married." "Please think of our brother Pawan Kalyan," and this goes on. One of the commentator on Facebook even went on to say nasty things to her.


Renu has given a befitting reply to the people who are asking her not to remarry for the sake of person who had left her seven years ago. It is really surprising that people have this attitude.

Just because they were once the wife of a star, don't they have any right to take their own decisions. Renu is an independent woman and has fought back. As Renu has said this is not only about her, but about the women in general. It is time to stand up for Renu and fight back against such nuisances.