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Record-breaking portrait of Lord Ram and Sita in Nepal's Janakpur (WATCH)

The artwork, commemorating the divine marriage ceremony from the Treta Yuga, spans 11,000 square feet and is meticulously crafted from 101 quintals of 11 different varieties of grains.

Record breaking portrait of Lord Ram and Sita in Nepal's Janakpur (WATCH)
First Published Dec 23, 2023, 12:16 PM IST

In a remarkable display of artistic prowess, a group of ten skilled artists hailing from Nepal and India has accomplished what could potentially be a world record by unveiling a breathtaking portrait of Bhagwan Ram and Sita in Janakpur, Nepal. This grand masterpiece, commemorating the divine marriage ceremony that unfolded in the Treta Yuga, now graces an expansive area of 11,000 square feet at Rangabhumi Maidan.

The colossal portrait, meticulously crafted from a diverse array of grains, spans an impressive length of 120 feet and a width of 91.5 feet. The artistic team utilized a staggering 101 quintals of 11 different varieties of grains to bring this awe-inspiring creation to life. The artisans demonstrated dedication and precision in incorporating depictions of Bishwamitra and King Janak, adding depth and richness to the portrayal of this iconic moment in Hindu mythology.

Satish Gujar, the lead artist from India, emphasized the significance of their artistic venture, stating, 'On the occasion of Bibah Panchami, which is a celebratory event, Janakpur Dham becomes the focal point as the sacred place where Sita Mata and Bhagwan Ram tied the knot. This portrait, a world record in its own right, is a tribute to this sacred union.'

This endeavour marks not the first time Satish Gujar has embarked on creating monumental grain portraits. Last year, he crafted a similar portrait of Bhagwan Ram and Mata Sita in Ayodhya, covering an extensive area of 10,800 square feet. Notably, no artificial colours were used in either artwork, underscoring the artist's commitment to authenticity and traditional craftsmanship.

The collaborative effort spanned several weeks, culminating in the completion of the portrait over the weekend. The public is now invited to witness the sheer grandeur and artistic finesse displayed in this unique creation. Thousands have flocked to Rangabhumi Maidan to marvel at the portrait, which stands as a testament to the shared cultural heritage of Nepal and India.

Devi Sahai Meena, Consul General at the Indian Consulate in Birgunj, commended the artistic collaboration, stating, "When it comes to culture, both Nepal and India share commonalities. Artistic endeavours of this nature serve to strengthen the cultural and religious ties between the two nations."

The festival of Bibah Panchami, marked with grandeur and festivity, commemorates the wedding anniversary of Goddess Sita and Bhagwan Ram, which transpired some 5,000 years ago. Falling on Marga Sukla Panchami as per Hindu astrology, the celebration spans seven days at the Janaki Mandir in Janakpur Dham, attracting devotees from both Nepal and India.

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