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'Peace talks don't succeed amid bombs, guns and bullets': PM Modi tells Russia's Putin | Top Quotes (WATCH)

Amidst the ongoing Ukraine war, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday underscored the importance of peace and dialogue during his bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Peace talks don't succeed amid bombs, guns and bullets PM Modi tells Russia's Putin in Moscow Top Quotes WATCH snt
First Published Jul 9, 2024, 5:33 PM IST

Amidst the ongoing Ukraine war, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday underscored the importance of peace and dialogue during his bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Addressing the global challenges posed by conflicts, PM Modi emphasized that " solutions and peace talks don't succeed amid bombs, guns, and bullets," stressing the necessity of peaceful negotiations for a stable future.

"As a friend, I have always said that for the bright future of our coming generations, peace is of utmost importance. But I also know that solutions are not possible on battlegrounds. Amid bombs, guns and bullets, solutions and peace talks do not succeed. We will have to follow the path to peace only through talks," said PM Modi in his first trip since the start of Moscow's invasion of Ukraine.

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During his discussions with President Putin, PM Modi pointed out the severe challenges the world has faced in the last five years, particularly due to the pandemic and subsequent conflicts.

"Be it war, conflicts, terror attacks - everyone who believes in humanity is pained when there is loss of lives. But when innocent children are murdered, when we see innocent children dying, it is heart-wrenching. That pain is immense. I also held a detailed discussion with you over this," said PM Modi.

PM Modi also credited the India-Russia friendship for helping mitigate some of these issues, particularly the food, fuel, and fertilizer crises. 

"The last 5 years were very concerning, challenging for entire world, entire humankind. We had to go through several problems. First, due to COVID and later the era of conflicts and tensions in various parts caused several issues for humankind. Even in such a situation, when the world was facing a food-fuel-fertiliser crisis, due to India-Russia friendship and cooperation I did not let the farmers of my country face a crisis of fertiliser. Our friendship has played a huge role towards this. We are committed to the interest of farmers. Even in the days to come, we would want our cooperation with Russia to further advance in the interest of farmers," the PM added.

PM Modi reiterated India's commitment to peace, stating, "For restoration of peace, India is ready to cooperate in all ways...I assure you and the world community that India is in favour of peace."

He also expressed optimism after hearing Putin's remarks on peace, saying, "Listening to my friend Putin talk about peace yesterday, gives me hope. I would like to say to my media friends - Possible."

Addressing the fuel crisis, PM Modi thanked President Putin for Russia's cooperation, which he said helped stabilize the global market. "There was a great challenge of fuel before the world. At a time like this, with your cooperation, we were able to save the common public from difficulties pertaining to petrol-diesel. Not only this, the world will have to accept that the agreement regarding fuel between India and Russia, indirectly gave market stability to the world in a way," he added.

PM Modi also highlighted the significance of his visit, noting the global attention it has attracted. "Perhaps this is such a meeting that the focus of the entire world is on this visit of mine. The entire world is drawing out different meanings of this visit," he remarked.

Earlier today, PM Modi visited the Rosatom Pavilion along with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Modi visited the Rosatom Pavilion at VDNKh to witness a photo exhibition dedicated to India-Russia cooperation in civil nuclear energy. Inaugurated in November 2023, this exhibition is one of the largest showcases in the history of scientific and technological developments.

PM Modi also paid tribute at the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ and also laid a wreath at the Tomb.

While addressing the Indian diaspora, PM Modi wholeheartedly endorsed India's ties with Russia, praising the longstanding ally as India's all-weather friend. He also commended Putin for bolstering bilateral relations during his leadership over the past two decades.

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PM Modi emphasized that the India-Russia relationship is founded on mutual trust and respect, noting that their ties have withstood numerous tests and emerged stronger each time.

Modi's commendation of Russia as a steadfast ally and Putin's leadership coincided with ongoing Western efforts to isolate the Russian leader due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Prime Minister Modi also subtly criticized the long-standing "influence-oriented global order" during his address.

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