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Parliament security breach: Did 'mastermind' Lalit Jha have links with TMC?

Accused in Parliament breach hid paint canisters in shoes, detailed in Delhi Police's FIR. Canisters of Chinese make were modified within shoes to release paint within Lok Sabha premises. Investigation suggests TMC links, sparking political controversy amid accusations and dismissals.

Parliament security breach: Did 'mastermind' Lalit Jha have links with TMC? vkp
First Published Dec 16, 2023, 12:49 PM IST

The accused individuals involved in the breach of Parliament security meticulously planned their attack, reportedly hiding canisters of coloured smoke within holes deliberately made in their shoes. These assailants managed to bypass stringent screening protocols by concealing paint-spewing canisters in their footwear.

Details from the FIR filed by the Delhi Police shed light on the canisters' origin, revealing their Chinese make and the necessity for handling them with goggles and gloves. The canisters bore warnings against indoor or enclosed usage, as stated in the police report.

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Accused individuals, Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan, allegedly devised special designs within their shoes to secretly release the paint-spewing canisters within the Lok Sabha premises. Sharma's left shoe, a grey Spots shoe made by LCR Company, reportedly had a modified hole covered with extra rubber to house the canister. Similarly, information from a police source suggested a similar modification in Manoranjan's left shoe.

Another accused Amol Shinde from Latur, Maharashtra was allegedly involved in procuring the canisters, purchasing them for ₹1200 each, while another individual named Kottu reportedly sourced four canisters from Mumbai.

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Furthermore, leaflets with images of a fist against a tricolour background were discovered with Manoranjan and Sagar, denouncing violence in Manipur. The FIR also mentioned the seizure of the accused's shoes and Aadhaar card.

Authorities found four used and one full-coloured smoke canister near Amol and Neelam, where the canister exploded outside Parliament, 

Alleged TMC links?

The ongoing investigation has suggested a political controversy, as accused Lalit Mohan Jha, a Kolkata resident allegedly involved in staging the smoke bomb attack, had shared photos of him with TMC MLA Tapas Roy. 

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The BJP has shared these photos on Social Media and accused him of having connections with TMC. This sparked tension between the two parties, with Bengal BJP President Sukanta Majumdar questioning their association and demanding an investigation.

In response, MLA Roy dismissed the photo as insufficient evidence and urged for a more informed approach, labelling the accusations as 'childish behaviour.' Notably, Lalit Jha had previously posted a photo alongside MLA Tapas during Saraswati Puja 2020, which has since gained attention.

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