Kolkata: Tensions erupted in Geokhali over the spotting of a mysterious trawler on the Rupnarayan River. After receiving information from the villagers, the Coast Guard raided the suspicious looking trawler. 10 fishermen who were in the trawler have absconded. According to reports, illegal items were recovered from the trawler.

As per reports, the trawler has arrived near Rupnarayan river in Geokhali on Friday (September 4). Residents of Geonkhali village became suspicious after seeing the unidentified trawler. The villagers tried to find out the identity of the people in the trawler. However, the people in the trawler said that they come to give away fish. The villagers said there were 10 fishermen in the trawler.

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On September 7 morning, the villagers saw that the mysterious trawler was surrounded by the Coast Guard with a hovercraft. Realising the danger, the 10 fishermen absconded. According to sources, a new number plate and name was attached to the trawler. 70 petty items were recovered from the trawler. Presumably, those are illegal items. The Coast Guard rescued them before they were smuggled. However, the superintendent of Police did not say anything about the incident.