Moved by mother's photo, pickpocket couriers wallet back to victim

First Published 18, Sep 2017, 12:09 PM IST
Moved by mothers photo pickpocket couriers wallet back to victim
  • Although the pickpocket sent back the wallet, he kept the Rs 1200 in it for himself.
  • He sent a note to the person saying that he kept the money because he needed it badly.
  • He also said that he loved his mother as much as the victim loved his mother. 

Moved after seeing a picture of mother in a wallet he had stolen, a pickpocket in Delhi sent the wallet back to its owner in Madhya Pradesh albeit without the money.

Mohammed Aslam, a local resident, was astonished when a courier delivered him his lost wallet a few days ago.

The wallet was picked in Matkewali Gali on July 25 when Aslam was visiting Delhi for his wife's treatment. He reported the theft to the Sadar Bazar police.

It contained Rs 1,200, a PAN card, driving license, Aadhar card and some other important documents.

"I received the wallet through a courier last week. The pickpocket returned everything except Rs 1,200. He also sent a slip with his phone number on it," he said.

"When I called the number, the person on the other side said he kept Rs 1,200 as he was in need of money, but returned everything else. When asked why he returned the wallet, he said he was moved by the picture of my mother I had kept in the wallet," Aslam said.

"The pickpocket told me he also loves his mother and felt `your (Aslam's) mother must be loving you a lot'", Aslam told reporters.