Who knew how powerful the number '4' was until Mulayam Singh Yadav received the electricity "Bill cum Notice" for his Etawah Bungalow. Heartfelt empathies sir as we
understand your plight, especially because we Bengalurians have similar experiences every month.

Forget the day-long power cuts in some parts of Namma Bengaluru, even if you are wearing yourself out in the office the entire day, the electricity bill at home still reads the same! But you should not complain and should be proud to lend your share of power to empower those who cannot afford to buy it, but steal it (please read phishing). I am sure, you will soon get over it, considering the all encompassing populist ideology that you harbour. Moreover, what does Rs 4 lakh mean to you anyways?

While that has given you enough publicity for the day (especially after the shameful exile that you have called upon yourself and your family after the UP elections), a few things more unnecessary have caught our attention on Twitter. Better phrased, Twitter decided to dedicate an entire page to you and the number '4' emphasising the importance of the numeral for the common man. For instance, the launch of the Punto EVO pure edition by Fiat, which starts at Rs 4.92 lakhs could be great news for the day-dreaming middle class, planning to buy an affordable car for years. For the records, this car replaces the Fiat Punto Pure and becomes the entry-level offering under the brand. 

Next in line is the auction of a 1948 stamp featuring Mahatma Gandhi, which was sold for Rs 4.13 crore in London. This might not interest the common man as much since its luxury to even think about such luxuries. However, on a more serious note, the chief minister of Telangana K Chandrashekhar Rao will have to bear the expense of Rs 4,000 crore for distributing free fertilizers to the farmers. 

Perhaps, you know now Mr Yadav, how much Rs 4 lakh means to the state exchequer or for that matter a common man? So, jolt the shocked electricity board members back to life and try and stay within the permissible limit of 5kw a day, forget exceeding it by more than 8 times as was the practice till now. So much for the sprawling bungalow's dozen rooms, its own air-conditioning plant, a temperature-controlled swimming pool and several elevators, you would say. However, "mannaniya" Mulayam Singhji clear your dues by this month end, otherwise CM Yogi Adityanath will find a way to wash his hands of this too.