Rajasthan’s Kalpit Veerwal had his own share of challenges while growing up as a meritorious student of a compounder father. But his sheer determination and perseverance, apart from his parents' zeal to help him stand on his two feet helped him achieve what he wanted. Scoring 360/360, he has scored the highest marks in Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2017. As the results were announced on Thursday, he received a call from the chairperson of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), RK Chaturvedi, who broke the news to him. 

While scoring 100% in IIT JEE is a fete in itself, he makes his parents even prouder for the fact that he is the first ever to score 100% in IIT JEE. Although he credits the hard work of his parents, teachers and the coaching institute he studied in, it was his confidence and hard work that earned him this stupendous fete. Ask him what he did in the last month before the exam, he would say "I enjoyed my studies and followed my teachers without fail". He also acknowledges the contribution of his parents who worked day in and day out to keep him healthy and fit. His father-Pushkar Lal Veerwal- is a compounder at Udaipur’s Maharana Bhupal Government Hospital and his mother Pushpa Veerwal is a government school teacher. His brother is a medical student at AIIMS. 

"My parents and my brother have always been my inspiration who have helped me tide through tough times," he says. His coaching center Resonance also helped him clear all his doubts after school. Acknowledging the contribution of his teachers at MDS Public school at Udaipur, he said," I never bunked any of my classes and followed my teachers religiously. They too did everything possible to help me in my studies."

Kalpit's mantra of confidence and hardwork is far reaching, but the strategy he adopted for studying both for his board exams and JEE papers epitomises discipline. He said, "As you know that board exams were scheduled to happen in March and JEE Main 2017 was scheduled to be held in April so I revised all my syllabus of class XII boards in November and once again in February. When one month was left I revised the entire syllabus from NCERT."

Kalpit has more to his persona than just being a student. He also loves cricket, badminton and music and those were his stress busters in between studies. Way to go Kalpit and all the best for the Advanced JEE papers.