Kerala-based photographer Dia John has apologised for a controversial photoshoot in which Hindu Goddess Durga was depicted in poor light.

On October 22, Dia had posted a collections of photographs, one of which reportedly showed a model dressed like a Goddess smoking cannabis and holding an alcohol bottle.

The Aluva-based photographer had said on Facebook: "Woman is considered a goddess, but what is she treated like? Often made to sit on a pedestal of purity, innocence and tolerance, she is stripped of her individuality. Isn't it time that we accept her humanity?"

The photoshoot didn't go down well many on social media, who saw the post as extremely offensive portral of a Hindu deity.

Kochi-based Mukkootil Bhagavathy temple even filed a complaint at Maradu police station against the photographer for attempting to hurt religious sentiments.
The complaint claimed that "this depiction in the name of 'creativity' is a deliberate attempt with malicious intent to insult the religious feelings of Hindus. It is being circulated on these days of Navaratri only to create communal divide among the people and to disturb the peace and tranquillity prevailing among them." 

In the wake of the storm over the photograph, Dia has now deleted the photograph and apologised.

In her apology, Dia said: "I am extremely sorry that some sentiments have been inadvertently hurt by a recent photoshoot which I did few days back. I respect all religions and it would never be my intention to disrespect any. On behalf of the entire team, we do sincerely apologize."