In a major boost to e-commerce sector, the government wants to ensure availability of fuel, online. This will help customers cut the queue at the fuel stations.

Customers willing to buy fuel have to book it online - at least a day early and make online payment to have the fuel at their door step, next day, reports Times of India.

The whole idea is to have mini petrol pumps on wheels, reports Times of India quoting oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan. 

However, concerns are being raised about the safety of petrol pumps on wheels and safe it is to have fuel at doorstep. Fuel stations are equipped with safety measures, unlike every home. So, in that case, government needs to chalk out stricter safety measures. Besides, there should be complete safety in loading, unloading, refuelling and transportation.   

The easily available fuel also has its own downfall. This can be misused by miscreants in rioting, make petrol bombs or in domestic violence, reports DNA.

Not just these. The rising number of road accidents is also a matter of concern. Will the government go the extra mile to keep fuel tanker on wheels safe? Only, time will tell.