A government hospital in Rajasthan has grabbed headlines for the wrong reason. It allegedly refused to admit a pregnant woman because she is Muslim.

According to reports, the woman after leaving the hospital, delivered the child inside the ambulance but the infant could not survive.

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Irfan Khan, the husband of the woman who was refused admission, alleged that his wife was referred from Sikri to the Janana Hospital in the district headquarters but the doctors mentioned that they should go to Jaipur because they are Muslim.

He added that his wife delivered the child in the ambulance and the child died. He said that he holds the hospital administration responsible for the child's death.

The doctor's version:
Dr Rupendra Jha, principal, Janana Hospital, Bharatpur told media that the woman had arrived for delivery but was in a critical state. She was referred to Jaipur and whatever laxity, if so occurred, will be investigated.