Today, we are here to tell you some unknown facts about Dilpreet Kohli that even his die-hard fans don’t know about.

1. He has lived in 3 different countries America, Canada, and Australia for over a year.

2. When he was studying in America, he used to work in his gas station. He was so busy that he used to get only 5 hours of sleep.

3. When Kohli was studying in Melbourne, he had to stay in a car for 7 days straight because he was unable to find a house.

4. Dilpreet Kohli went to Canada for a course in graphics design. However, he dropped out and moved to Melbourne to pursue an MBA in marketing. On top of that, he missed his graduation ceremony as he didn’t think that a degree in MBA worth much.
5. Dilpreet Kohli doesn’t like animals.
6. Dilpreet is addicted to coffee and he can’t live without it.
7. He is not a fan of talking to people on phone, he prefers talking in person or texting.
8. Dilpreet’s favorite food is Mexican and his favorite dish is chicken enchilada.
9. When Dilpreet visited America for the first time, his big brother gifted him a luxury car Lexus.

10. When he watched Narcos on Netflix, Dilpreet got so influenced that he created his channel on YouTube. He always wanted to create a series like Narcos. He has been working on a crime thriller series titled Singh’s Empire for two years. He wishes to release it on Netflix India.