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Dear Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Khichdi is eaten everywhere, but so is chicken butter masala!

  • Chef Sanjeev Kapoor will be making khichdi with 800 Kgs of grains at the World Food Forum.
  • Food Processing minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal is planning to peg it as India's superfood.
  • Twitter explodes with hilarious recommendations and reactions.
Dear Harsimrat Kaur Badal Khichdi is eaten everywhere but so is chicken butter masala
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Dear food processing minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal, although we revel in your simplistic thoughts of pegging Khichdi as India's superfood at the World Food India conference, we beg to defer from you on this one. Although we understand, it has healed many upset stomachs and brought back many to strength, it is still beyond comprehension why it should be given global importance. 

This, we say from experience. Trust us, there are many such rice and lentil combinations doing the circulation of international food blog sites. The Arabic Mujaddara or the Turkish Pilaf have similar recipes, just for your information. So, how do we pitch it as the unique food of India or a superfood for our palates. Wouldn't we be the laughing stock in the event?

The spices that are required are minimal, rather nothing exquisite for the International taste buds. Would it really stand the competitiom against an Italian Pizza or a German Eisbein? 

You say, "The aim is to get it global recognition. Just like pizza and pasta is cooked universally but everyone knows the origin. We want people to know about khichdi too." You also seem to have said, "Khichdi is considered nutritious, healthiest food in India and it is eaten by poor and rich alike, irrespective of their class. It symbolises India's great culture of unity in diversity. So it has been selected as the brand of Indian food."

Although we appreciate your idea of unifying India through our culinery 'uniqueness', there is lot more beyond Khichdi (even though we understand that you have grown up devouring the dish). True that there are varieties of it in the land, but a foreigner would not know how to find the "achaar" required for the "Achaari Khichdi" or the bajra in the "bajre ki khichdi". Needless to say, no land beyond India is said to produce these products. In many parts of India, Khichdi essentially is made with rice, moong beans, amaranth, jowar, bajra, barley and Indian spices in particular.

(P.S: Again, none of the above-mentioned are produced in foreign land)

So, you are left with the good old rice and lentils to showcase the taste of India?! No variants indeed. 

You may have put an end to all speculations about the dish being the National Food of India with your Tweet, "Enough khichdi cooked up on a fictitious national dish". However, it is not a secret anymore that superchef Sanjeev Kapoor will attempt to create a world record by preparing Brand India Khichdi' using 800 kg of grains in a giant wok.


Well, you have found a solution for the ingredient crisis in the foreign land it seems. According to a report by the Times of India, international delegates at the event, wher deals of $10billion are likely to be signed, will be given matkis of ingredients required for khichdi for them to go back home and cook the delicacy or order it from Indian restaurants. 

Seems like a lot is going to change in the menu set by the Indian retos outside India! Goodbye chicken butter Masala, the potpurry is going to get the better of you. 

Meanwhile, Indian social media is unable to digest the 'injustice' meted out to the other Indian dishes and is exploding with hilarious comments. Only if the minister paid some heed!

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