Bengaluru: Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister Govind Karjol’s son Gopal Karjol has been airlifted to Hyderabad for medical treatment.

Gopal Karjol has been on a ventilator for the past 24 days after testing positive for COVID-19.

Gopal is Govind Karjol’s eldest son. He had tried his hand at politics by contesting the assembly elections from Nagathan constituency in Vijayapura in 2018 but had lost.

Meanwhile, Govind Karjol, who has come under severe criticism over not visiting flood-affected areas, has shot off an emotional letter to people of Bagalkote district, stating that the voters must forgive him not visiting his people as he was "emotionally shattered" over his son, Gopal Karjol who is critically ill and on ventilator for the last 24 days in the hospital.

In a letter posted on his Twitter account, titled - My Service Your Pleasure, Govind Karjol emotionally appealed to people not to judge him by his lone action of not coming to them this time.

"I know I could not be on your side at this hour of distress. I had not told anyone till date about my son not being discharged till date, who is on ventilator due to Covid attack," he said.

The letter further read that Gopal needs better treatment, therefore, we have decided to move him to a super speciality hospital in Hyderabad.

"I am deeply distressed. Along with my family members who were hit by Covid virus, I had come out after treatment but not my son, Gopal who is on a ventilator for the last 24 days. He is fighting his biggest battle, so are we as a family. People of Bagalkote, must forgive me for not being with them," he signed off, ending his letter with Seve Nannadu, Sweekara Nimmadu.