It is truly a sad day for bikers across India. Sana Iqbal, a 30-year-old cross country woman biker and counselor died in a car accident at Narsingi, Gandipet in Hyderabad on Tuesday, October 24.

Sana was known for being a passionate biker having ridden 38,000 kms across India.

However, there were dark times in her life when she wanted to end it all.

At 27, Sana was suffering from depression. She was unable to handle the extreme ups and downs that she had been experiencing for the five years before that.

She went on her first solo ride to Gujarat in the hopes of dying under the wheels of some truck or ram into a divider or fall off a cliff.

However, instead of finding death, she found peace and a reason to live for, with the help of her trusty Bullet Electra 350 CC of course.

She then decided to inspire and help others fight depression. She believed that ‘suicide is not the solution’ and drove across the 29 states and seven Union territories, giving lectures to students about depression and ways to counter them.

Earlier today, at 4 AM, she was travelling with her husband Nadeem. The duo met with an accident which resulted in her death. Her husband, Nadeem, survived the car accident, and is fine.

Her death has left thousands who were acquainted with her grief ridden. Most of her fans are those, whose life she has changed by her motivational speeches, which she conducted at various colleges across India.