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Bengaluru shocker: BPO employee discovers 13,000 morphed nude images in boyfriend's phone, case filed

A Bengaluru BPO worker found 13,000 intimate photos, including colleagues', on her boyfriend's phone. She reported it to their workplace, resulting in legal action and the boyfriend's arrest for suspected image manipulation and possible blackmail. Police are investigating the situation, scrutinizing the extensive photo collection and Santosh's activities.

Bengaluru shocker: BPO employee discovers 13,000 morphed nude images in boyfriend's phone, case filed vkp
First Published Nov 29, 2023, 1:33 PM IST

A startling incident has emerged in Bengaluru's BPO sector, revealing a disturbing trend of intimate photo threats within relationships. The unsettling episode revolves around a 22-year-old woman, known as Thanvi (name changed), who stumbled upon a staggering 13,000 nude images of various women, including herself and her colleagues, on her boyfriend's mobile phone.

Thanvi and her colleague, 25-year-old Aditya Santosh, both employed at the same BPO company, had been in a relationship for the past four months. During this time, they captured intimate moments, only for Thanvi to later discover a trove of around 13,000 nude photos stored on Santosh's device, some of which featured other female colleagues.

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Shocked and alarmed by this distressing find, Thanvi promptly terminated the relationship and reported the matter to senior officials at their workplace on November 20, aiming to safeguard potential future victims among their colleagues.

In a swift response, Archana (alias), the legal head at the Bellandur-based BPO, took decisive action by filing a formal complaint against Aditya Santosh at the cybercrime police station on November 23. It's reported that Santosh was promptly arrested by the police from his office premises.

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Clarifying the situation, the BPO asserted that Santosh hadn't used any company devices for the alleged manipulation of images. However, the police have initiated an investigation into the extensive collection of morphed nude images on Santosh's phone, some of which are suspected to have been doctored while others are authentic.

Authorities are delving deeper into Santosh's activities, examining whether he engaged in blackmail using these images and scrutinizing his phone records and chat history for further evidence. 

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