Union Minister Babul Supriyo slammed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee after state police manhandled a Sikh man during a protest.

Babul Supriyo on Sunday (October 11) said that recent events in West Bengal which includes the arrest of suspected al-Qaeda operatives to the controversy involving a Sikh man and his turban was proof that the state was a “fit case” for the imposition of President’s Rule.

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The minister claimed that Bengal had become a hub of terrorists. Criticising Mamata Banerjee, he alleged that the Chief Minister was “oppressing” Opposition parties in Bengal. She must have forgotten her struggles at the grassroots level.

The remark drew a sharp reaction from the Trinamool Congress (TMC), which asked Supriyo to first call for imposition of President’s Rule in Uttar Pradesh.

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On Supriyo’s comment that Bengal had become a hub of terrorists, TMC MP Saugata Roy said, “One al-Qaeda operative was arrested from Bengal. Can President’s Rule be invoked for that? One BJP leader named Manish Shukla was killed because of his personal rivalry. Does it merit such a demand for President’s Rule? I have not heard a more insignificant comment than this. In reality, Babul Supriyo is trying to establish his importance in the party and that is why he is making such statements.”

Lashing out at the minister, Saugata Roy said that Babul Supriyo must look into the state of affairs in Uttar Pradesh, which is a BJP-ruled state, before commenting on West Bengal.