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AI, like fire, can be both boon as well as bane: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah's media advisor KV Prabahakar

KV Prabhakar, CM's Media Advisor, examines AI's dual nature, likening it to fire's potential for good and harm. He cites deep fake incidents, warning of the perilous impact on society, and emphasizing responsible usage. Prabhakar lauds AI's transformative role in journalism, highlighting benefits like rapid news gathering but cautions about its limitations in nuanced decision-making.

AI, like fire, can be both boon as well as bane: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah's media advisor KV Prabahakar vkp
First Published Nov 18, 2023, 12:35 PM IST

In a thought-provoking analysis, KV Prabhakar, the Media Advisor to the Chief Minister, delved into the intricate landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI), raising pertinent questions about its dual nature - a boon and a bane.

Drawing an analogy to fire, Prabhakar emphasized that like fire used for cooking can inadvertently burn houses, AI, though a revolutionary force, possesses the potential for both good and harm. He highlighted recent incidents involving deep fake videos of celebrities like Rashmika Mandanna and Katrina Kaif that caused uproar on social media, underscoring the perilous consequences of misinformation in an increasingly tech-driven society.

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Prabhakar raised a chilling prospect - envisioning the catastrophic aftermath if such sophisticated technology were used to fabricate controversial statements by religious or political figures. He stressed the critical role of responsible usage, pointing out the alarming scenario where highly educated individuals fell victim to misleading content.

Beyond the realm of social media, Prabhakar illuminated the broader implications of AI, acknowledging its transformative impact on journalism. He recounted the initial concerns surrounding technological advancements, fearing displacement of traditional roles, but hailed the effective integration of technology as a catalyst for change in the journalism landscape.

Highlighting the potential benefits, he outlined how major news organizations have embraced AI, citing examples from Reuters and The Washington Post. He underscored AI's capacity to expedite news gathering, citing instances where it efficiently curated historical data for rapid dissemination in emergency situations.

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Moreover, he elucidated how AI-powered reporting, as seen during the Rio Olympics by The Washington Post's Heliograph software, streamlined the creation of complex narratives in a fraction of the time traditionally required by human reporters. Prabhakar emphasized AI's prowess in converting vast datasets into compelling stories, particularly in sports and finance.

However, he has cautioned against AI's limitations in making emotionally nuanced decisions, particularly in sensitive news coverage where interpretation is subjective. He highlighted the complexities AI faces in addressing moral conundrums, such as reporting on contentious geopolitical issues.

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