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Sangram Singh: If festivities are more important than your life during pandemic, it's your call to make

Sangram Singh happens to be a professional wrestler, besides being an actor, motivational speaker, philanthropist and a health expert. With the tough circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Sangram provides insights on how to keep one safe, both physically and mentally.

Sangram Singh: If festivities are more important than your life during pandemic, it's your call to make-ayh
Kolkata, First Published Oct 13, 2020, 4:05 PM IST
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India, along with the world, is under a tough situation, amidst the horrific COVID-19 pandemic. As the nation continues to fight it through the norms implemented, it would be interesting to see how things turn out as the festivities kick in. Meanwhile, Indian wrestler and philanthropist, Sangram Singh, gives his advice on the same.

The pandemic has already seen India received a major setback, especially financially. This has also led to people becoming mentally unstable and weak. Also, with the numerous restrictions put in place, citizens are finding it difficult to sustain themselves properly.

Speaking on the ongoing issue, Sangram says that although it is unfortunate that the pandemic has kicked in and tore the lives apart of many people, it has also made everyone realise that nature is brutal. He also pointed out the positives that have emerged in this situation.

"The pandemic has changed everything globally, as well as in India. It has made us realise our limits and potential. Although it is unfortunate to have a pandemic, it has brought in some positives, as the pollution levels have decreased massively. It has also made us understand that our daily life, which always used to be about wealth, did take a toll on our health," Sangram said in an exclusive interview to Asianet Newsable.

"It is about time we realise that both, wealth and health, are equally proportional. We need to start balancing both. I want people, including kids, to realise this and start prioritising things based on positivity. Family comes first, take care of them, then look out for yourself and your health, before deciding to pursue wealth and everything else. We need to change our mentality during these times," added Sangram, as he launched a few campaigns to motivate people during the initial days of the pandemic in India.

Fitness has become a prime concern during this pandemic, as it is being advised to build strong immunity, which would allow the body to fight coronavirus. Sangram expressed his full support for this and advised people to listen to what the doctors and other health workers had to say, besides having a positive intellect.

"The doctors and health workers are doing a fine job, and I salute them. However, people get confused regarding proper fitness. Fitness is not just about building a good physique, with muscles and six-packs, or working out in the gym. As per me, the virtue of great fitness is stamina and flexibility," he said.

"Fitness cannot be left upon luck. It can only be achieved through hard work. Coronavirus is somewhat like the normal flu, and flu does not have a permanent cure to date. It can only be avoided by maintaining proper immunity, which is the strongest medicine for any disease. The body contains on 10% of the disease, while the remaining 90% is the mentality," he added.

"I believe there are five aspects to building strong immunity. It starts with positivity. Secondly, one needs to be punctual about maintaining his/her daily regime routine. Thirdly, maintain a proper diet by having more green vegetables and fruits. Avoid eating fast and junk foods. Fourthly, maintain a proper workout, like yoga and pranayama, along with jogging and other physical activities that involve sweating out. Finally, be selfless and be your own friend," he asserted.

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Sangram also emphasised on the fact that people need to get out of their comfort zone and doing something out of the box or extraordinary to grow bigger. On the same note, he has also shared a number of videos regarding physical workout and mental health on his YouTube channel.

Speaking on the fight against the coronavirus and on how people should prepare themselves to stay safe in the upcoming festive season, Sangram believes that it is for the people to make a wise decision and not leave everything on luck. He has advised limiting the festivities for now, if possible, besides maintaining the norms put in place by the government.

"The government has issues the essential norms, which are to be maintained at all costs. If you leave everything on luck, you won't run away from the virus for long. The virus attacks only those who divert from the norms and do not maintain the adequate fitness levels," he continued.

"As for the upcoming festive season, we once again need to be wise here. If for a year, we can do away with the regular celebrations, which involves going out and meeting our loved ones, nothing can be wiser than that. If the festival is more important than your life, it's your call to make," he opined.

Meanwhile, Sangram also focused on mental health, which has been a serious topic during these hard times. He feels that one should have the mentality of a champion, who has his/her goals set. If the comprehension is to achieve the desired goals, nothing else can affect one's mental health.

"When it comes to mental health, it all starts with the kid. The kid has to have a strong mentality right from the beginning. However, it should be ensured that we should not stress that mentality, as it would make them a circus pet. Also, do not ponder over the profit and loss over your objective, always follow your heart. Be grateful that you are alive every day. This would certainly allow your mind to be stress-free," he reckoned.

"We should stop judging ourselves based on how rich we are, or try to undermine someone richer than us. Same is the case when it comes to how qualified we are, or how popular one is. Be happy with what you are and what you have. Everyone is the same. Also, never be afraid of a change. Change is always for good. That's how we evolve," he further affirmed.

One of the important aspects of mental health, which many do relate to, is depression. Upon being asked for the same, he said, "It's all in your mind. It happens when we give undue pressure to our brain. It slowly starts taking a toll on us. Just think that you belong to the almighty and everything around you belongs to him. Set smaller goals and pursue one at a time."

"Whenever you feel depressed start doing what you love the most. Also, there is no medicine for your brain. Avoid being around persons who are negative and try to suppress you with their negativity. For example, during an instance in the USA, a man was sacred, as he feared someone being under his bed. He went to a psychiatrist, who demanded heavy bucks for therapy. However, it was his wife who helped him out, by removing the legs of the bed. So, it's all in your mind," he recalled.

"Nowadays, even children get into depression if they are unable to perform, both in physical activities or academically. I would advise that if depression starts to creep in, take a 15-day break. I bet, those 15 days would completely change your life. Most importantly, never give up on your dreams. Depression is a small issue, which we tend to present alarmingly. Be practical and lead a natural life," he concluded.

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