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Are you sleepy and low on energy all day long? Here are 5 tips to beat lethargy

We spoke to Dr. Rashmi Dsouza, Consultant ENT, Nutrition Therapist, and Wellness Coach, KMC Hospital, Mangalore, who gave us a checklist of reasons for your drained-out energy levels.

Are you sleepy and low on energy all day long? Here are 5 tips to beat lethargy RCB
Bangalore, First Published Feb 23, 2022, 7:00 AM IST

Ever felt low on energy while just watching TV all day? Had the most relaxing day and yet feeling tired the next day? Have you ever experienced lethargic energy due to a reason totally unknown to you? Here are reasons for your drained-out energy levels.

1. Inconsistent sleep:  Most often, we sit up burning the midnight oil, working or studying. If not, we binge-watch movies and series into the wee hours of the night and sleepless waking up tired. Melatonin secretion is reduced with inadequate sleep, growth and repair mechanisms that occur during sleep are hampered, so you wake up feeling drained out.

2. Inadequate water intake: Water aids in carrying oxygen to your body cells and helps flush out the toxins produced by the body. Ever felt like your energy is sucked out of you when you're out shopping on a sweaty humid day and you haven't hydrated? Now you know why!

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3. Poor diet:  A diet that lacks essential nutrients can make you feel lethargic. A portion-controlled balanced meal is an answer to this.

4. No movement: Exercise need not be only about burning calories. The activity of any kind like walking your dog, hiking, yoga, playing football with your child could reduce your cortisol levels and release the "feel-good hormones" in your body. Do this today and watch for the flaring up of your energy levels!

5. Overthinking and stress: Everyone is faced with stress, what matters is how one handles it and the answer is not overthinking about it. Stress hormones can wreak havoc with your hormones and leave your energy stores depleted if you don't find a solution to your problem.

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So now that you have your answers to fight fatigue, fix them at the grassroots level and watch yourself dance through life with a smile. This will help you tackle any day and strike a balance between a sound body and mind.

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