Jyothika was speaking during the audio launch of her new film Magalir Mattum and spoke out what many women felt about the ‘place’ given to heroines in the film industry. In fact, Jyothika who made her come back with the powerful movie 36 Vyadhinile said that women are being defamed by the kind of roles they are being offered in the movies.


If you show, one hero has four heroines even youths will think it is okay to have four girlfriends. Heroines are made to shamelessly run behind the heroes. Instead, why can’t the directors give them decent roles which have value as they have in their real lives? Please give them decent dresses and decent roles,” she said.


This bold speech had an instant effect as Suriya on the same stage promised her that he would be careful while choosing the script of his movies.


Here is the video shared by Shruti TV: