SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali 2 has created nearly unbeatable records and become the highest-grossing film ever in the history of Indian cinema. 

Although, there was a certain period when Baahubali aka Prabhas was in deep financial trouble. As it turns out, Prabhas had not been paid yet for Baahubali, and neither had he signed up any other projects. So there was a brief period when he was nearly broke. 

Recently we came across this video of SS Rajamouli, in which he got emotional and bared his heart about Prabhas.



The director said, “Prabhas had three consecutive hits and producers kept running after him with money. But he only focused on Baahubali. Prabhas instructed his manager not to demand anything from filmmakers and take anything they give.” 

He added, "There was a time when Prabhas was stressed for money. Producers flooded him with offers, cash and cheques and sometimes even without asking anything in return. So, he got confused and scared, called me and asked what should he do. I advised him to create an affidavit, stating the money had nothing to do with him." 

"However, Prabhas refused to take the money, since he felt he could never pay back such huge amounts. He had the offer to do an ad campaign worth Rs 10 crore. But he refused that too." Rajamouli said.

Rajamouli went gaga over Prabhas in the video. He said, "On sets, Prabhas is very hardworking, a workaholic and somebody who wants perfection. But off-screen in his life, he is extremely lethargic. You would not believe how lazy he is."  

From this, we can draw that Prabhas is the real Baahubali by nature - a human with a heart of gold.