Sandalwood's most expected movie The Villain is finally all set for release. The film with the big star cast will be the only movie releasing on October 18. But surprisingly, no new Kannada movies have released this Friday, one week before the release of The Villain.

At least five to six Kannada films get released every week and this is perhaps the first time that no film is hitting the screens.

The movie buffs are of the opinion that no one wants to get affected by The Villain wind that is set to grip the Sandalwood audience.

If the movie releases this week, the expectations are that The Villain will make the distributers and producers withdraw the movie from theatres within next Thursday. This is said to be the reason behind other films backing off, to be on the safer side.

However, in another interesting development, Kannada film The Terrorist, directed by PC Shekhar and starring Ragini Dwivedi, is being released on the same day as that of The Villain.

The Villain is made at a budget of Rs 45 crore and its tickets are said to be priced high. It is said that tickets in single screens will cost Rs 200 and in multiplexes around Rs 400.