Baahubali 2 released last weekend and has shattered all box office records. The movie has become the highest-grossing film ever in the history of Indian cinema. We all are in love with Prabhas, the hero in Baahubali. But we can't ignore the antagonist Rana Daggubati aka Bhallaladeva - who has even overshadowed Baahubali at times. 


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Rana has been heaped with much praise for his beefy and ominous look as the perfect antithesis to the hero of the movie Baahubali. In an interview with a popular Telugu channel Gemini TV, Rana admitted that he has been blind in one eye since childhood. The video clip was uploaded to YouTube in 2016 and is now doing the rounds once again.


In the show, celebrities are invited to participate and help people deal with their difficulties by taking up their job for one day and giving back almost ten times of what they earn. As the audience heard in shock, Rana said: “Should I tell you one thing? I am blind in my right eye. I see only from my left eye. The one you see is someone else’s eye which was donated to me after his death.” 


He also added, “If I close my left eye, I can see no one.”


You’re an inspiration, Rana!


Watch the video here