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Netizens roast stand-up comedian Vidushi Swaroop for 'Prostitution is a cool profession' jibe

Stand-up comedian Vidushi Swaroop faces backlash for referring to prostitution as a "cool profession" in a viral video. Netizens express outrage over her insensitive comments about sensitive topics, including adultery. Some defended her, but the general sentiment on social media was disapproval.

Netizens roast stand-up comedian Vidushi Swaroop for 'Prostitution is a cool profession' jibe vkp
First Published Oct 24, 2023, 1:08 PM IST

Stand-up comedian Vidushi Swaroop has faced backlash from netizens due to a video in which she referred to prostitution as a "cool profession." In the viral video, Swaroop began her comedy routine by making this statement and went on to discuss her perspective on the profession and how it differs from others.

The video quickly gained attention, and netizens expressed their outrage and criticism in response to Swaroop's remarks. The controversy largely revolved around her insensitive comments about a sensitive topic.

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Some individuals also raised concerns about Swaroop discussing adultery and her apparent casual attitude toward the subject, particularly when describing prostitution as a "cool profession."

Another user on the platform expressed their opinion, stating, "Nowadays, people tend to make jokes about anything and everything. It does make me question if the current generation is moving in the right direction." In a separate comment, a different user conveyed their frustration, wondering aloud, "Why don't those present at the event take action when she discusses such matters?"

Another user Vishwas shared his thoughts, stating, "It's not just disgusting. It's inhumane and cruel behaviour. This insensitive comedy exposes the true colours of today's stand-up comedians. Making fun of cultural values, and telling poor jokes is now normal. Shame on those who laughed at her."

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In response to Vishwas's comment, Vidushi Swaroop wrote, "People are reacting to this video clip. Watch the full video on YouTube. Please watch the full video once before giving your verdict. Don't announce your decision immediately after watching the short clip."

While the video elicited various reactions, with some supporting her, the predominant sentiment on social media was disapproval of her choice of topic and comments.

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