According to a report in, during the promotions of 'Laali...' in Mumbai at Raheja Classique, last week, Akshara Haasan got into a heated argument with a film journalist in the middle of her promotional interviews. 

According to the report, the actress took issue with her interviews, alleging that they were mismanaged and late.

Sunny Khanna, a well-known and senior film distributor was managing the marketing side of the movie. Apparently he had informed Akshara that the interviews would be done by 6 pm. 

But when the clock struck 6, one journalist was still waiting to have a one-on-one chat with her.


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According to those present, Akshara refused to sit for the chat session, saying that she was unwell and started heatedly arguing with Sunny Khanna. 


The journalist, meanwhile, didn't help matters by reportedly pointing out that if Akshara had started the interview, instead of arguing with Khanna, she could have been half-way through by then. 


Unsurprisingly, the line did not go on well with Akshara, who is reported to have given the journalist a piece of her mind as well.


Later, she sat for the rest of interviews but stormed out of the building as soon as she finished answering the last question.


Reports claimed that later Khanna was seen asking Vivaan Shah, Akshara's co-star in the movie, "Aisa bhi koi behave karta hai?" 


Akshara was last seen in Bollywood film Shamitabh (2015) with Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush. The movie didn't do well in the box-office.