I am still unequipped to dealing with stardom, says Baahubali star Prabhas

First Published 9, Oct 2017, 3:58 PM IST
I am still unequipped to dealing with stardom says Baahubali star Prabhas
  • Tollywood film Baahubali had received international acclaim and won recognition for its actors and directors
  • Lead actor of the film Prabhas still feels inhibited and says that he is unable to deal with the stardom

This year saw the release and worldwide recognition for the Telugu film Baahubali 2 which not only topped box office collections overwhelmingly but also earned laurels for the lead actors and director.

The lead actor Prabhas won international acclaim and became a big star overnight. But Prabhas, who is a shy person, feels that he is ill-equipped to handle the fame and stardom. He states that he still bashful to meet with crowds.

“Even till date I feel timid about giving interviews. I wish huge crowds to come and watch my films but I don’t wish to come before them. Even though I have been in the film industry for 13-14 years, I am still not equipped with dealing with stardom. My fans feel that I do not meet them as other actors do but comparatively now I have improved, yet I still need to become more flexible,” he revealed.

Sharing his thoughts, he also said that initially he was reluctant to enter the film industry despite  his uncle being a big actor and his father, a producer. Though they encouraged him to take up film career, he had been too lazy and shy to act before the camera. He intended to go into business but later he saw a film of his uncle and imagined himself in the character which prompted him to take up films.