Despite reaching great heights and making a wave across the globe for his technical understanding about music and taking the music to the different level Oscar winner AR Rahman still needs some correction and who better then grandmaster Ilayaraja can do that.



Ilayaraja is known as a moody person and less communicative, a bit reserved and in the industry he is termed as a 'tell it as it is' kind of a person, did not spare even AR Rahman when he messed up notes while playing a keyboard.


At an award function to honour Ilayaraja who had turned 75, Rahman was called on stage and was asked to compose a tune from Mouna Raagam.


As Rahman touched the Keyboard, the crowd went crazy, and based on request from fans and also host, Ilayaraja joined to sing few lines. But after few lines of the song 'Mandram Vantha Tendral' Rahman made the audience cheer. However, before ending the small 'jugalbandi' Ilayaraja corrected Rahman when he missed some notes on the stage.

"Unaku teriyon illa" (You know it) said Iilayaraja pulling Oscar winner's leg.