Dear Rishi Kapoor sir, 

Just like you, we are also in shock and feeling bad for Sridevi's death and our hearts go out to her family, especially her daughters. It is extremely unfortunate that Sridevi's dream of seeing her elder daughter Jhanvi making her debut in the Bollywood movie, Dhadak, will remain just a distant dream.  

Sir, we have been following your condolence tweets since yesterday. As a co-star in many blockbuster movies like Chandni and Nagina, your emotions poured through your tweets are valid, until the angry one that said, "How has Sridevi all of a sudden become the “body”? All television channels reporting  “the body will be brought to Mumbai in the night!” Suddenly your individuality gets lost and becomes a mere body??" (SIC) 

As a journalist and a logical person, I could somehow not digest your words. 

Yes, I know us calling Sridevi's dead body a 'body' has hurt you, but what should people call her? How else do you refer to Sridevi once she is lifeless?

Remember the phrase 'over my dead body'? It is still called a body and nothing else. Our respect for the person, who he/she was and what he/she meant or still means, does not lessen. 

"Shareer marta hai. Aatma nahi. Wajood jo hota hai woh aatma ka hota hai. Jaise hum kapde badlte hai, aatma shareer badalta hai." (The body dies, but the soul lives on. The identity/existence is of the soul. And not the body.) 

I don't think there is a problem if someone's body is called 'body' after death. For it ultimately, (whether you like it or not) is reduced to mortal remains. So, relax sir!

Thank You.