The 'ban star' Huccha Venkat, who was one of the contestants in the previous season of Kannada Bigg Boss, made the comments on a show on Suvarna Channel, in which he claims that he is the only Bigg Boss.


Giving further insights into his mindset, his words prove once again that he has only one feeling towards other people - contempt.


On a roll, he went on to say that the cameras in the show would have to zoom on things like a vase, table, etc. as the faces inside the Bigg Boss house were so scary that people would take two days to recover from the shock of seeing those faces.


Venkat also feels that Bigg Boss himself will fall sick watching the show.


Even Bigg Boss was out of words to analyse Huccha Venkat in the previous season. So, this season, Huccha Venkat will be on Suvarna performing the post-mortem of the Bigg Boss show, which he has seen closely.


Watch Huccha Venkat’s interview by Danish Sait on Newsroom Naansense show