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Bigg Boss 17: Aoora's family releases statement on him hitting Ayesha Khan, requests not to spread hate

In a recent episode of Bigg Boss 17, Aoora charged towards Ayesha Khan when he misunderstood a conversation and pulled her blanket in anger.

Bigg Boss 17: Aoora's family releases statement on him hitting Ayesha Khan, requests not to spread hate RKK
First Published Jan 3, 2024, 7:31 AM IST

Bigg Boss 17 often makes headlines for its fights and controversial statements. K-pop star Aoora entered the house as a wildcard entry and recently his family responded to allegations of him hitting Ayesha Khan on the show. A video of Aoora storming toward Ayesha while she was talking with Abhishek Kumar went viral on Tuesday. In response to the video, his family stated that Aoora did not hit Ayesha as some social media users reported, but rather violently pulled the sheet. They were enraged because they believed she was speaking against him.

The video

Aoora's family's statements 

Aoora's family said, "Recent allegations involving Ayesha seeking attention and a specific incident caught on camera need to be clarified. The videotape plainly shows Ayesha and Abhishek defaming Aoora's image in a conversation just before the event. In frustration, Aoora entered the room and pulled through the sheet; he didn't even touch Ayesha."

"Despite other housemates' assurances that it was not his intention, Ayesha escalated the situation. He later spoke to Ayeesha, stressing that he had no malicious intent. He said he didn't understand and thought she was saying bad words to him, so he became agitated and yanked on the blanket in frustration," they continued.

"It's critical to recognize that being positive and displaying goodness in a competitive reality show like Bigg Boss is not only admirable but also a testament to Aoora's character. Unfortunately, certain people, notably K-pop haters, have created false rumors to smear Aoora's reputation," the family said in a statement.

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The incident

Aoora was named captain of the house and while he assigned duties, Abhishek Kumar refused to do the housework. When Aoora heard Ayesha mumbling under the sheets, he walked out of the room and violently pulled the sheets. While Abhishek opted to ignore it, Ayesha became enraged and pursued Aoora. She requested him to explain his actions, noting that he had hurt her.

Ayesha was then seen describing the problem, after which Aoora apologized. "What is wrong with you, Aoora?" she inquired before proceeding to say, "To be very clear, kuch bhi reason ho main yaha yeh lene nahi aayi hoo (whatever the reason is, I am not here to entertain such things from anyone)." After that, Aoora apologized to Ayesha.

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