After Salman Khan shared the second poster of Tubelight, our expectations have simply shot through the roof. Here's why we think Tubelight, directed by Kabir Khan, will be Salman Khan's best film till date.


India Tv - Salman Khan and Sohail Khan in Tubelight


1) Salman Khan and Sohail Khan: 
Both brothers (Salman and Sohail) as Laxman and Bharat will make you smile with their presence. In the movie, you will see Salman in full Forrest Gump mode. Laxman, the golden-hearted simpleton, not only loves his brother Bharat (Sohail Khan), he also teaches us to love our neighbours, during peace or strife. Salman plays the role of a mentally challenged person with the intelligence of an eight-year-old boy, whose real name is Laxman but is called Tubelight by people. Sohail Khan plays Laxman’s younger brother who is a soldier in the Indian army, and whose disappearance in the war sets the wheels in motion for the plot of the movie. 




2) Zhu Zhu
Chinese actress Zhu Zhu plays the female lead, while late actor Om Puri plays Salman Khan’s uncle. In the movie, Zhu Zhu plays the role of a war victim. 




3) Matin Rey Tangu
Tubelight is at its brightest when debutant Matin Rey Tangu, playing the boy who bonds with Salman despite the latter's initial reservations, is on the screen. He is a scene-stealer. The chemistry between Salman and Matin is very cute. In fact, it can be said that the superstar and Kabir Khan has given another gem to the industry with this moon-eyed boy. 


4) Salman Bhai's dance:
He has a signature dance move in each of his movies, and one cannot imagine anybody else pulling that move off. Watching his Radio song in the movie is a diluted experience. 

5) Great to see Om Puri on screen: 
Late Om Puri was one of the finest actors of the country. It is heart-breaking that this was his last film. He looked convincing in his role and has delivered the dialogues powerfully.