After the launch of Duster, Renault became very popular in the SUV circle. And now, with KWID it has established itself in the compact car segment as well. It is the kind of car that is especially appealing to young buyers who are looking for something more than a family vehicle. It can be driven within the city and taken on off road travels as well.

Check out their new TV advertisement here:

The car is powerful with a design strategy that symbolises dynamic performance and robust strength. It has a manual as well as an automatic variant. The new ELR seats at the front and back offer added protection along with the central locking system.

With compact cars one major concern people have is about the cabin space, but with KWID Renault has ensured that space is not compromised on. The large cabin space allows the passengers at the back to relax even whenthe front passengers pull the seat back. It also has a first in class rear arm rest making travel very comfortable for the passengers at the back as well. KWID boasts of a 300 L boot space and 180 mm ground clearance which is the best that any car in this segment can offer.

But the highlight of the KWID is probably the first in class technology that is unmatched in this segment. It has an extremely user friendly MediaNAV with touch screen display and first in class reverse parking camera. It also has a first in class digital instrument cluster which makes it very convenient and effortless to drive. Another first in class feature offered by Renault is the 4 year/1 lac kilometre warranty on the car for all buyers, making this a very secure investment.

Combined with the new range of exciting accessories like chrome alloys, range of colors for the interior of the car, chrome fog lamps, chrome bumper protector and a smart grill, this car is the complete package for any buyer. With so many first in class features, it is a mile ahead of the other cars in this segment, who will probably take a few more years to match the features KWID has to be offer.

KWID came up with a quirky marketing plan recently where Ranbir Kapoor, who is the brand ambassador for the car, disguised himself as a middle-aged car salesman in a Renault showroom and explained the features of the car to a young couple. Later he revealed his identity to the couple and took a selfie with them as well. Watch the full video here.


So if you are ready to ‘live for more’ then KWID should be the car of your choice.