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Prague university mass shooting: Chilling bodycam footage reveals intense police search for gunman (WATCH)

Czech authorities have unveiled bodycam footage depicting officers scouring a university in Prague for a gunman responsible for the tragic killing of 14 individuals on Thursday. The footage reveals armed police meticulously searching university corridors and safely guiding students out with raised hands.

Prague university mass shooting: Chilling bodycam footage reveals intense police search for gunman (WATCH) snt
First Published Dec 22, 2023, 5:39 PM IST

Intense police bodycam footage captures the harrowing moments as officers urgently race through a Prague university building, responding to reports of a gunman on a deadly rampage. The assailant, identified as 24-year-old David Kozak, had indiscriminately fired upon students and tourists from the balcony of Charles University's philosophy building, resulting in 14 fatalities and 25 injuries, with ten in serious condition.

The gripping footage reveals elite officers sprinting toward the university, ascending stairs rapidly in their efforts to locate Kozak, who was methodically targeting victims from the building's balcony. The tense scenes culminate in the discovery of the assailant's lifeless body on the rooftop.

Brave members of the elite police force forcefully entered the balcony through a door, where footage captured the lifeless body of David Kozak lying on the floor. Authorities revealed that Kozak, realizing he was surrounded by law enforcement, took his own life with a shotgun after discarding his elite long-range rifle off the balcony.

A chilling video depicts additional police officers discovering injured students inside a classroom, urgently working to staunch their blood loss before evacuating them from the university building.

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Meanwhile, the first victim of the tragic mass shooting has been identified as Lenka Hlávková, who served as the director of the Institute of Music Science at the University's philosophy department.

The Institute released a photograph of Lenka Hlávková, a devoted mother of two, confirming her tragic death in the 'cruel' attack. Colleagues expressed being 'utterly devastated' by the senseless murder of Lenka, who had dedicated her career to studying the history of music in the Czech Republic.

In another disturbing development, footage surfaced of Kozak relentlessly firing shots at his victims from the university building's balcony. Amidst the chaos, a heroic individual can be heard shouting, 'shoot here, you f***er,' attempting to distract the assailant from his heinous actions.

A Master's student of history at the university, Kozak is captured on the balcony, methodically aiming his formidable ZEV-30 rifle at individuals below, systematically targeting and picking off victims one by one.

Dressed in all black, Kozak appears composed as he calmly walks along the balcony, taking aim at the frightened students evacuating the university and tourists who had gathered in the bustling square below.

On the ground, a courageous individual is heard passionately shouting, 'shoot me, you f***er,' in a desperate and brave attempt to divert the attention of the shooter and protect the lives of others, according to reports from the newspaper Blesk.

Despite the pleas, the 24-year-old assailant remains unmoved and continues firing rapidly at his victims below. Simultaneously, the valiant man communicates with the police through a walkie-talkie, providing crucial information about Kozak's location on the balcony and urging law enforcement to 'take a shot' at the gunman.

Pausing momentarily, the shooter seeks cover beneath a Ukrainian flag before approaching the balcony's edge, resting his powerful rifle—capable of penetrating body armor—on the bannister. From this vantage point, he spots fleeing victims and fires two shots in quick succession, all while the courageous man below continues to scream.

The disturbing footage underscores the chilling calm and composure exhibited by the shooter as he unleashed terror during the mass shooting, marking the darkest chapter in the modern history of the Czech Republic with 14 lives tragically lost.

Czech police have released bodycam footage depicting the evacuation of students with raised hands from the university building, followed by elite officers racing through the premises to locate the assailant, David Kozak. The footage captures the tense moments as officers ascend the stairs and reach the roof, where Kozak's lifeless body is discovered.

According to police accounts, Kozak attempted to shield himself behind balcony pillars to avoid being shot by ground-level officers. As law enforcement closed in, Kozak discarded his long-range gun, retaining only his shotgun. Police reported, "As we were getting close to him on the balcony, Kozak killed himself."

Additional distressing images show students seeking refuge on a balcony ledge, high above, as others are instructed to barricade themselves in classrooms. The first victim, Lenka Hlávková, the director of the Institute of Music Science, has been identified, intensifying the devastating impact of the mass shooting.

The unfolding tragedy began with a series of alarming events, starting with a suicidal text message from Kozak to a resident in Hostouň. Subsequently, police discovered Kozak's father's body and equipment resembling an "explosive system" in the family home. By the time police arrived at the family home, Kozak had already traveled to Prague, initiating the deadly shooting spree from Charles University's philosophy building.

The shooter, a Master's student of history, legally owned multiple firearms, heavily armed and carrying a substantial amount of ammunition. The Interior Minister emphasized the well-thought-out nature of the horrific act. Swift police intervention prevented an even higher casualty count, as Kozak's arsenal posed a significant threat.

In the lead-up to the shooting, Kozak is suspected to have maintained a chilling diary on Telegram, expressing a desire for a school shooting and possible suicide. Authorities are also investigating whether Kozak may be linked to a prior double murder in Klanovice, near Prague.

The mass shooting, the worst in the Czech Republic's modern history, unfolded on the historic Charles University campus. Dramatic video footage captured the chaos, with the gunman methodically firing at victims from the university building's rooftop. Tourists and locals fled across the iconic Charles Bridge as gunshots rang out, and the city remains in shock as authorities work to identify victims and provide support to affected families.

Czech President Petr Pavel expressed deep regret and condolences, urging citizens to follow police instructions. Prime Minister Petr Fiala canceled his trip to address the unfolding crisis. While gun crime is rare in the Czech Republic, the tragic incident underscores the need for continued vigilance and preparedness in the face of such devastating events.

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