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Hamas' warning to IDF: Will return Israeli soldiers in black bags, make Gaza a 'curse' for the nation (WATCH)

Abu Obeida, the spokesperson of Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, has warned Israeli forces amid the ongoing ground operation in Gaza, stating, "Await more of your soldiers returning in black bags. We will make Gaza a curse upon you as it has always been."

Hamas warning to IDF: Will return Israeli soldiers in black bags, make Gaza a 'curse' for the nation (WATCH)
First Published Nov 3, 2023, 9:59 AM IST

Amid the ongoing war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, the military spokesperson of Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian terrorist group, Abu Obeida, has delivered a powerful warning highlighting the relentless determination of the operatives in their struggle against the Israeli occupation. Obeida emphasized their unyielding resolve to defend their homeland and warned Israel that more soldiers would return in 'black bags' in a new video released by Hamas on Thursday.

The Hamas commander's warning comes as Israel Defense Forces completed the encirclement of the city of Gaza, the centre of the Hamas terror organisation. "The concept of a ceasefire is not currently on the table at all," Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari said.

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"27 days after the start of Al-Aqsa Flood, our fighters continue to confront the occupation forces in northwest Gaza, the south, and in Beit Hanoun, executing successful attacks against the occupation’s vehicles and soldiers. We can hardly count our fighters’ operations. In the last 48 hours, our fighters have destroyed what amounts to a battalion of tanks and killed and injured a large number of the occupation forces’ soldiers, using anti-tank weapons, direct clashes, and drones. We carried out a major counterattack this evening on the northwest axis of Gaza City, destroying six tanks, two troop carriers, and a bulldozer," said Abu Obeida in the newly released Hamas video.

The Hamas commander challenged the official reports by asserting that the actual number of enemy casualties is significantly higher than what is being acknowledged by the Israeli command.

"The number of the enemy’s dead is much higher than what the enemy command is announcing. We managed to encircle behind enemy lines and attack them from point blank. The Namer troop carrier, which the occupation army promoted as the most fortified vehicle in the world, failed in its first test against our shells," he said in the video.

The tone of the message is both resolute and defiant, sending a clear warning to the Israeli leadership. Abu Obeida cautions that more Israeli soldiers can expect to return in "black bags," an allusion to the body bags used for military casualties. This uncompromising stance aims to make Gaza a persistent curse for the occupiers, reinforcing the Palestinian resistance's commitment to their cause.

"To the occupation leadership: Await more of your soldiers returning in black bags. We will make Gaza a curse upon you as it has always been. We feel proud when the enemy forces boast about breaching axes in the Gaza Strip, as if they are breaching the axes of a great power. Our pain for the loss and martyrdom of thousands of our people will increase our determination and vigor to make the enemy pay a high price," he concluded.

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As conflict persisted in northern Gaza, numerous injured individuals holding foreign nationalities and dual citizenship sought refuge from the war-ravaged area, evacuating to Egypt via the Rafah Border Crossing. The Egyptian health ministry reported that on the second day of the border opening, "344 foreign nationals, including 72 children," along with 21 wounded Palestinians, crossed over to safety on Thursday.

The Israeli military is actively working to secure the release of approximately 240 individuals, both civilians and military personnel, who were taken captive by Hamas during the October 7th attacks. Additionally, the United States has deployed drones over Gaza with the aim of locating and aiding in the rescue of the hostages.

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