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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reveals 9/11 prediction story; anticipates Trump, Biden's assassination (WATCH)

The article delves into Alex Jones' controversial predictions, including pre-9/11 claims, in an interview with Tucker Carlson, covering global agendas, post-human world plans, and startling predictions about Donald Trump and US President Joe Biden.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reveals 9/11 prediction story; anticipates Trump, Biden's assassination (WATCH) snt
First Published Dec 8, 2023, 12:21 PM IST

In a recent interview on 'Tucker on X' between Tucker Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller and Daily Caller News Foundation, and controversial figure Alex Jones, the discussion delved into Jones' bold predictions, including his pre-9/11 statements, and the broader implications of his views on global events. The interview provided a platform for Jones to defend his uncanny foresight and shed light on the sources that inform his conspiracy theories. Within this conversation, Jones made startling predictions about the potential assassination of both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden, attributing these ominous forecasts to the actions of the "deep state." These claims unfolded amid escalating tensions and legal challenges faced by both political figures.

The 9/11 prediction

One of the most striking moments in the interview revolved around Jones' claim of predicting the 9/11 attacks. In July of 2001, Jones allegedly foresaw the use of airliners to strike the World Trade Center and the subsequent blame on Osama bin Laden. Tucker Carlson, visibly skeptical, pressed Jones on how he could have known such specific details.

Jones attributed his prediction to a culmination of data from various sources, including media pre-programming, Rand Corporation insights, Pentagon reports, and the controversial PNAC document. The latter, co-authored by Dick Cheney, outlined the need for a "Pearl Harbor event" to advance certain geopolitical goals.

"In the longer clip, I specifically walk through all the reasons and I knew they were hyping up that we're about to be hit by Osama bin Laden. I knew that the World Trade Centre had been attacked the first time and the feds been involved helping cook the bomb and allowing it to go forward. I just saw a lot of pre-programming that was happening in the media because they were on the news saying life is about to change in America. I was reading what the Rand Corporation was saying and what the Pentagon was putting out. I read the PNAC document from a year before rebuilding America's defenses that Dick Cheney had helped write. And it said we need a Pearl Harbour event on the American homeland to be able to bring in this police state and this control and then expand the American empire worldwide. So hundreds of pieces of data, hundreds of pieces of data, went into that prediction," said Jones.

He further said, "I was completely convinced. In fact, in the full clip if it's online, you can find it on Twitter on other places if hasn't been removed. I explained to people that they need to call the White House and tell the White House, we know if you allow these attacks that you're basically allowing it to happen. And it was similar to all the data we had when."

"On my show, and I gave the number out so people could actually call the White House and then going back to October of last year when the Russians went into Ukraine, I specifically said, I think they'll go in by the end of February. And there was a lot of data that went into that. And then they specifically did go in on February 24th. So I was able to make that prediction as well. But there was a lot of data and information that went into," Jones further said.

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Surprisingly, despite being the only public figure to make such a prediction, Jones claimed that the FBI did not contact him for insights or further information. This revelation raises questions about whether authorities considered his statement credible or if it was dismissed as unfounded conspiracy theorizing.

The conversation expanded beyond the 9/11 prediction, touching on Jones' forecast of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and his warnings about the COVID-19 pandemic. Jones emphasized his reliance on documents and reports from influential organizations to foresee global events, claiming to have accurately predicted certain geopolitical developments.

During the interview, Alex Jones explained his approach to making predictions, mentioning that he actively reads reports from various sources, including the Rand Corporation, Pentagon, and MIT. He highlighted his ability to connect the dots between different pieces of information, such as the Rockefeller Foundation's Operation Lockstep, predicting the use of a virus to usher in global governance and control.

WATCH: Tucker Carlson's full interview with Alex Jones

Building a post-human world

One of the key points raised by Jones during the interview was his interpretation of reports outlining plans for a post-human world. According to him, these reports allegedly discuss the implementation of mind control, the introduction of smart dust in food for electromagnetic control, and a vision of a future where humanity becomes obsolete. He pointed to the World Economic Forum and figures like Yuval Noah Harari as proponents of this anti-human narrative, claiming they have laid out a roadmap for the future.

Jones also touched upon global agendas, referencing documents like Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. He expressed concern over proposed bans on gas stoves, beef, single-family dwellings, and private car ownership. According to Jones, these measures are part of a larger plan orchestrated by major corporations and financial institutions to exert control over human behavior through a global social credit score.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reveals 9/11 prediction story; anticipates Trump, Biden's assassination (WATCH) snt

The war on terror turned inward

The conversation shifted to recent geopolitical events, particularly the conflict between Israel and Hamas. Jones asserted that Hezbollah, funded by Iran, has sleeper cells in the United States, posing a potential threat to national security. He connected this to his belief that governments often use crises, such as the 9/11 attacks, to increase their power and control over citizens.

Jones argued that the focus of the so-called war on terror has shifted from external threats to internal targets, particularly Christian conservatives and rural Americans. He claimed that the government's priorities have changed, leading to increased surveillance and restrictions on free speech, even in Europe.

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The Deep State conspiracy

Alex Jones also made startling predictions about the fate of both former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden. Jones, known for his conspiracy theories, claimed that the "deep state" would resort to killing the political figures as a desperate move. These statements come against a backdrop of escalating tensions and legal challenges faced by both Trump and Biden.

“You know, the Deep State does kill people and that’s their only next move because this is failing,” Jones told Carlson, saying that the multiple indictments of Trump by federal and state authorities “backfired.” 

“And I think they’re going to kill Biden, too,” Jones continued.

During the interview on "Tucker on X," Jones asserted that the "Deep State" was behind various challenges faced by Trump, including multiple indictments by federal and state authorities. He argued that the alleged assassination attempt on Trump in 2016, when a British national attempted to shoot him at a rally in Las Vegas, was part of the deep state's tactics. Jones also predicted a similar fate for President Biden, claiming that the deep state would resort to drastic measures due to the perceived failure of their other strategies.

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reveals 9/11 prediction story; anticipates Trump, Biden's assassination (WATCH) snt

Accusations against US President Biden

Jones accused President Biden of various wrongdoings, including corruption, involvement with Chinese spies, and even bizarre claims about his mental state. He alleged that Biden walks around the White House naked in the middle of the night, unaware of his identity, and requires a cocktail of drugs to function. Tucker Carlson expressed skepticism but acknowledged hearing from someone who claimed to have witnessed Biden taking amphetamines during the 2020 election.

Alex Jones is no stranger to controversy, having faced legal repercussions for spreading false claims. Notably, he falsely claimed that the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax, leading to a jury ordering him to pay nearly $1 billion in damages. Jones later filed for bankruptcy after his assets were frozen, and he was instructed to pay an additional $473 million.

The interview took place amid Trump's strong support in polls for the Republican primary, where he leads by a significant margin. Trump also maintains a narrow lead over Biden in the general election polls. The political climate is tense, with both figures facing ongoing scrutiny and criticism.

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