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Chilling audio! Hamas terrorist boasts of killing 10 Jews in massacre; dials from victim's phone (LISTEN)

In an audio recording that has gone viral on X, an Hamas terrorist boasts about killing ten Jews in a Kibbutz massacre in Israel to his parents. He allegedly made the call from the phone of one of the women he murdered.

Chilling recording: Hamas terrorist boasts of killing 10 Jews in Israel massacre to parents (LISTEN) snt
First Published Oct 24, 2023, 10:25 PM IST

Amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, a horrifying audio recording has sent shockwaves on social media platform X. In the chilling audio, a Hamas terrorist can be heard proudly boasting to his parents about his involvement in a brutal massacre at a kibbutz in Israel, during which he claimed to have taken the lives of ten Jews. What makes this revelation even more disturbing is that the call was allegedly made from the phone of one of the women he had murdered, underscoring the audacity and brutality of the act. This recording serves as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by extremist ideologies and the urgent need to combat terrorism and protect innocent lives.

The content of the conversation is a grim testament to the destructive nature of terrorism, which often thrives on the glorification of violence and the demonization of innocent people.

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IDF plays another recording of Hamas terrorist boasting about killing Jews in UN Security Council

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) and Shin Bet have unearthed a chilling audio recording that sheds light on the grim reality of terrorism in the Gaza Strip. The recording, which was made on a mobile phone recovered from a slain terrorist, captures a conversation in which the individual proudly boasts about his involvement in a heinous massacre against Jewish civilians. This shocking revelation was presented at the United Nations Security Council, further emphasising the urgent need for international action to combat terrorism and protect innocent lives.

The Gaza Strip has long been a focal point of conflict and turmoil, with the ongoing Israel-Hamas war dominating international headlines. The region has seen its share of violence, and this recording serves as a stark reminder of the depths to which extremism can sink. The recording itself provides a haunting glimpse into the mindset of a terrorist, as he boasts about the massacre he committed against Jewish civilians.

The UN Security Council met at the headquarters in New York on Tuesday for what was a scheduled quarterly briefing on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, now given greater urgency following the attack by Hamas on October 7 and the deepening humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip following IDF's bombardment.

Israel in UNSC: Hostage situation a 'living nightmare'

Holding up a collage of those kidnapped by Hamas, Israel Foreign Minister Eli Cohen stated that the hostage situation is a “living nightmare”. Recalling the 7 October attack on Israel, Cohen added that the day “will go down in history as a brutal massacre” and a “wake-up call” against extremism and terrorism.

"Hamas are the new Nazis," Israel's foreign minister said, calling for immediate access to hostages and their unconditional release. He added that Qatar could facilitate the same.

"You, members of the international community, should demand Qatar to do just that,” he said. “The meeting should conclude with a clear message: Bring them home. Israel has a right and duty to defend itself. It’s not just Israel’s war. It’s the war of the free world," he added.

In response to the tragic events of the 7th of October, Cohen called for a proportional response which he described as a "matter of survival."

"We are going to win because this war is for life; this war must be your war as well," he said, adding, "Right now, the world faces a clear choice of moral clarity."

"One can be part of the civilized world or surrounded by evil and barbarity,” he said. "There is no middle ground. If all nations do not stand decisively by Israel’s mission to eliminate the monsters from the face of the Earth, this will be the darkest hour of the UN, which will have no moral justification to exist."

State of Palestine in UNSC: More injustice and more killing will not make Israel safer

Riyad al-Maliki, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Palestine, has underlined that it is the duty and responsibility of the Security Council and the international community to preserve human lives. He strongly asserted that the ongoing failures within the Security Council are unacceptable, emphasising that support for international law and peace should be unwavering, with the added notion that "more injustice and more killing will not enhance Israel's security."

In his address, Al-Maliki made it clear that no amount of weaponry or alliances can guarantee Israel's security; only a lasting peace, one that is shared with Palestine and its people, can provide that assurance. He stressed that the Palestinian people's destiny should not be a continuous cycle of dispossession, displacement, rights denial, and loss of life. He emphasized, "Our freedom is a prerequisite for a shared peace and security."

Highlighting the urgency of averting a larger humanitarian crisis and potential regional spillover, Al-Maliki insisted that the only way to achieve this is by immediately putting an end to the Israeli military campaign in Gaza, thus halting the bloodshed.

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