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Want to have unique password? Check out the list of most commonly used passwords in India

It revealed that "password" was the most often used password in India, followed by 12345, 123456, 123456789, 12345678, india123, 1234567890, 1234567, qwerty, and abc123.

Want to have unique password Check out the list of most commonly used passwords in India gcw
New Delhi, First Published Nov 19, 2021, 12:36 PM IST

The epidemic caused a significant shift toward digital workspaces and online classrooms, but it appears that the country still has a long way to go in terms of cyber safety. According to new NordPass data, India's most often used password is "password" and not '123456. This is despite repeated cautions from police departments and government entities to use strong passwords that cannot be readily broken. Password manager that is global NordPass examined passwords from 50 nations and the time it takes to crack each one.

According to NordPass, all of these passwords, except "india123," can be broken in less than one second. It will take 17 minutes to crack the password 'India123'. While these time durations are simply estimates, they offer some insight into how safe the password is. According to NordPass, a proprietary password organizer, some popular passwords in India are 'iloveyou,' 'krishna,"sairam,' and 'omsaira.' According to the findings, predictable numerical and keyboard sequences are viral in India. Surprisingly, Japan is the only other country that shares the top password with India.


According to the findings, passwords like 12345 and qwerty variants were high on the list. These combinations, as well as localized variations of qwerty, are relatively common across the world. "Other letter combinations, generated by tapping the keyboard in a vertical or horizontal sequence, are also popular," the study continues.

'Qwerty' is the most outstanding example of this. In India, the password and its variants are prevalent. However, English affection phrases such as 'iloveyou", "sweetheart", "sunshine" and 'beautiful' are also extremely frequent.

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However, that was not the only finding of the study. NordPass also demonstrated how weak some of India's most popular passwords are and how long it would take hackers to crack them. Nowadays, the average person has approximately 100 internet accounts. If all of the passwords are unique, it is tough to remember them all. The report advised using password managers to remedy this problem, noting that it's a good idea to add additional protection to passwords later on.

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