On a flight to Chennai

Amidst the report about exploding Samsung Note 7 devices, a Note 2 caught fire last year on a flight to Chennai. The passenger had kept the phone in an overhead bin when travelling in an Indigo Singapore-Chennai flight. Fire extinguishers quickly doused off fire. Taking measures, passengers were relocated to other seats. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7

While the Galaxy Note 7 made headlines with the rise in exploding incidents, and Samsung soon started collecting devices and giving rectified replacements, one of its replacement Galaxy Note 7 units also caught fire. Southwest Airlines flight 994 from Louisville to Baltimore was evacuated as smoke erupted from the device. All passengers as well as crew exited the plane via the main cabin door, and there were no injuries reported.

iPhone 6 bursts on flight

A teenager's iPhone 6 burst into flames causing panic during a flight to Hawaii. Flames started spewing from her iPhone as she watched a movie and in a panic she knocked it on the floor, under another's passenger's seat. This caused panic as the it was 90 minutes away from destination and later she revealed how she felt the 'plane was going down' with the flames. Fortunately, the fire was doused and the plane landed normally.

Samsung phone explodes mid air, fire extinguisher fails

In the most recent incident a Samsung smartphone exploded mid-air on a Delhi-Indore flight. The fire extinguisher failed to put off the fire due a malfunction. Finally, the device had to be put in water. Read more here.

Headphones explode burning woman’s face

While not a phone, but a woman suffered burns to her face and hands as her headphones caught fire on a flight from Beijing to Melbourne. She was sleeping when her noise cancelling headphones blasted.