Indian wrestler and actor, Sangram Singh is having a tough time, of late, after his YouTube channel got hacked a couple of days back. Sangram, who also happens to be a fitness guru, regularly posts videos on the same.

Following the incident, YouTube has suspended his channel. Meanwhile, as he contemplates legal actions, he posted a video on his Twitter handle, talking on digital safety and cybersecurity.

He also spoke on the issue to Asianet Newsable. He said that one way to stop this is by boycotting and getting rid of overseas search engines and social media platforms, like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Here are the minutes from his exclusive interview:

What exactly happened?
"It was around 8-9 pm on Monday when I came to know from one of my YouTube editor and manager that my account has been terminated. As I wondered, a few pointed out that there was a live video on the channel, which happened to be for a few minutes, based on cryptocurrency. Although the video was later deleted, it went against YouTube's policy, resulting in my channel's suspension."

"Naturally, I realised that my channel was hacked. There were 260 videos on my channel, based on fitness and motivation, which were all a part of my hard work. As I talked to the concerned people and contemplated legal actions, it is sure that all my hard work has now gone wasted."

"Now, I'm suffering despite having not done anything wrong. And, it's not just me, but quite a few innocent people who are suffering because of the same, either by hacking channels, social media handles or doing some fraudulent transactions. There should be a stringent law on the same, which should have strict punishments for the culprits. And, if these hackers are not willing to listen to anyone, India should have its own secure platform, rather than relying on overseas platforms."

"I am a responsible citizen of my nation, as I prepare contents that would help people. If we continue suffering like this, the country will fall backwards, instead of moving forward. My other works are being affected now, due to these hackers. Imagine the headache I'm suffering now, as I have to file all the legal procedures for appropriate actions against them."

What action have you taken?
"I have filed an official complaint with the police, who have ensured that suitable action would be taken for the same. However, I'm not confident of how exactly things will work from their side, as it is tough to tackle such issues, especially on platforms that are based overseas."

Who are the other concerned people or which other departments you have talked to?
"I have already prepared a video on the same, addressing to Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Law and Order minister of India, asking him to form poignant laws on the same. Some law needs to be in place for all of these. If I'm suffering today, imagine the way how common people are suffering."

"YouTube is a source of monetisation now. If channels are being suspended due to accounts being hacked, imagine the loss the concerned person has to suffer. Although I did not run my channel for monetisation, my videos were of great help to young kids in villages, who used to get inspired by my motivational videos."

"The only reason I prepare my inspirational videos is for a social cause. It could be to help poor kids or needy people in the villages, address their solicitudes to the nation and concerned departments so that they get adequate help and support from the government."

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Was your channel hacked within India or overseas?
"I'm not really sure about this, but I feel that it could have been done in India itself. I don't think anyone from overseas has anything to do with my channel."

What should India do on the safety of cybersecurity?
"Firstly, India should get rid of overseas platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and should introduce its own platforms, just like China has done for itself. I'm saying this is because the information would be limited within the country and an attempt of any wrongdoing would allow to track the culprit down with ease."

"I have also noted on various social media handles that people are being abused in the worst way and controversial videos are being created on the same. But, no one is doing anything, as it is a tedious task for the concerned departments to track down all."

"Also, some political parties have made social media a garbage-like platform. Some trolls are paid to abuse people. The entire thing has become a political issue. There needs to be a law in place to take action against violators or a different platform where one can come up with his/her views, which can also be used as a medium of monetisation."

What's next for your channel?
"I don't think I can have my channel back. Although I have filed the required procedure for the same, it is improbable. Now, even if I have to create a new channel, I will have to start from scratch. I also don't have any backup of my previous videos, so that I can reupload them."

2020 has been haywire for the whole world. What are you looking forward to in 2021 and what's your message for the citizens?
"My message to the nation is that everything happens for a reason. The point is to look ahead and not ponder over the current situation for long. Stay and think positive all the time. Also, stay fit and healthy, and take care of your loves ones. Firstly, one should have a target in mind. Once that is attained, then they should look forward to helping others."

"Work for yourself and then for the nation. However, one should make sure that his/her success should not come at the expense of another. That's not how I work. Stay loyal to everyone, including yourself, your loved ones, your nation and even your work. We will move ahead and grow positively."

"I just hope 2021 rectifies all the wrong that 2020 has done. Also, it brings smile and joy back to the faces and lives of people who have suffered this year."