Bengaluru: Karnataka government brought the Karnataka installation of new Telecommunication Infrastructure Towers Regulations Act, 2019 into effect on May 29 to crack down on illegal mobile towers and prevent mushrooming of new towers.

According to the new framework, telecom companies will have to pay a one-time fixed fee to set up mobile towers. The amount varies based on the area starting with Rs 15,000 to set up a tower in gram panchayats up to Rs 1 Lakh in Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) limits.

The gazette notification issued by the government also contains rules pertaining to where mobile operators can legally fix the towers. According to the new rules, mobile towers are not allowed within a distance of 50 metres from schools, hospitals, religious buildings and other government-prescribed buildings.

The towers should be 30 metres away from railway property boundary and the minimum setback for ground-based tower should be 3 metres. The mobile towers in residential areas can come up only in vacant land and must have a clear buffer zone of 3 metres all around. In case of an absence of an empty plot, towers can be shifted to rooftops, provided there is a 3-metre distance from all edges.

Based on regulations, the telecommunication towers on the ground have to be surrounded by a protective wall at a distance of 1 metre from the tower and 1.2 metre in height.

The new regulations are applicable to already existing telecom towers as well. If any of the existing towers of any telecom company is violating the regulations, they need to be fixed within three months. If the company does not follow this rule, action will be initiated against them.

While 15 documents are necessary to get a permit for setting up a mobile tower, the sanctioning authority will verify all documents and issue the permit within 30 days.